Business Administration & Management

Do you like taking the lead on projects? Do you enjoy being in charge? Then a career in Business Administration and Management may be the perfect fit for you.

Whether you dream of running a business or you’d like to specialize in marketing and sales, our Business Administration and Management program will help you get the education you need to enter the workforce with confidence.

Learn something new every day while acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the complex field of business. With courses in sales, marketing, management, accounting and human resources, you’ll develop the skills needed to excel in today’s competitive business environment.

Create the education experience that’s best for you. Coursework is built on a solid business core, general education courses and a concentration specialization. With the opportunity to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree, you may choose from four concentration areas or develop your own specific focus.

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DEGREE: Associate in Applied Science (69 credits)

CAMPUS: All Campuses

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Starting Salary: $52,172

Average Salary: $101,358

Projected Employment Growth: 0.6%

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Term 1

Credits: 4

The course examines the accounting methods, principles and terminology needed in the preparation and analysis of financial statements. Included is a study of partnership accounting.

Credits: 3

The basic fundamentals of business. Basic business and economic concepts and terminology; management, marketing, finance, human resource management, accounting and other business areas.

Credits: 1

Introduces business and accounting students to career opportuni­ties in the business world. The course includes methods of net­working and the processes needed to successfully begin a career.

Credits: 3

CSC-110 is an introductory course that surveys a variety of topics to include history, hardware, software, terminology, com­munications, computer ethics, and societal impact of computers. In addition to computer literacy, students will complete hands-on modules using operating systems, word processing, database, presentation, and spreadsheet software; such as Microsoft Office programs.

Credits: 3

Emphasis on expository and argumentative writings including a review of usage and mechanics.

Prerequisites: Satisfactory score on the ACT, Accuplacer, ASSET,COMPASS as determined by Iowa Lakes policy

Term 2

Credits: 4

Continuation of ACC 131, covering corporate accounting, long-term debts, financial analysis, managerial accounting and budgeting concepts.

Prerequisites: ACC 131 – Principles of Accounting I

Credits: 3

Principles of Management provides the student with a conceptual framework for understanding the basic theories of management. Emphasis is placed on the internal and external environment, ethics, planning, goal setting, decision making, organizational structure, motivation and group dynamics, and effective control mechanisms for establishing and accomplishing business objectives.

Credits: 3

The fundamentals course develops the basic skills involved in a variety of communication situations, including oral presentations and interpersonal speaking.  Emphasis is placed on organization, audience analysis, vocal and physical delivery, listening, nonverbal communication, critical thinking, and methods of dealing with communication apprehension through class discussion and activities.

Plus Math: 3 credits
Business Elective: 3 credits

Term 3

Credits: 3-5

To give the student hands on experience in a business related occupation and to apply what they have learned in class to real life situation. It also will introduce them to some business activities that will be or have been covered in class.

Credits: 3

Continuation of ENG 105 with emphasis on research and docu­mentation as well as literary analysis.

Prerequisites: ENG 105 – Composition I

Choose either BUS 932, ENG 106 or Business Elective (3 credits)

Term 4

Credits: 3

Business Law 1 is an introduction to Business Law in the areas of legal environment of business, contract law, contracts for the sale of goods (UCC) and real and personal property law.

Credits: 3

Reviews national income and output; employment and prices; money and credit; government finance; monetary and fiscal policy; economic growth and development; and international finance.

Business Electives: 6 credits
Humanities: 3 credits

Term 5

Credits: 3

Provide students with broad understanding of management infor­mation systems in the business environment. Offers more detailed hands-on uses of application programs such as word process­ing, database management and spreadsheets in preparation for careers in business.

Prerequisites: CSC 110 – Intro to Computers, CSC 116 – Information Computing or BCA 212 – Intro to Comp Business Apps

Credits: 3

Reviews the organization and workings of modern economic sys­tems; the role of markets, prices and competition in the promotion of economic welfare, alternative systems and international trade.

Credits: 3

This course is designed to give students a clear understanding of the elements of the marketing mix (4P’s) and explanation of environmental issues that are employed in business to gain a competitive edge in the global economy. Includes identification of consumer and organizational needs and an understanding of the basic consumer behavior components.

Credits: 2

The course emphasizes correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and tone as applicable to written business communications, let­ters and memos. Included are techniques for writing informational, persuasive, sales, and good and bad news messages.

Credits: 3

Communication skills necessary in the business world, including use of the telephone, interviews, job applications, listening skills and letter writing.

Choose either BUS 115 or BUS 121
Business Elective: 3 credits
Science: 4 credits

† indicates a course that fulfills the diversity requirement. This course may also fulfill another general AA requirement.