Accommodations & Disabilities Services

Iowa Lakes Community College is committed to providing support and services to students with disabilities. These services are offered at no cost to qualified students and ensure that our students have equal access to educational opportunities. 

Students seeking to be considered for reasonable accommodations at Iowa Lakes must self-identify their need to an Educational and Disabilities Services Counselor.  

Educational and Disabilities Services Counselors act as a liaison for students with disabilities and the institution. Our qualified and dedicated staff develop individualized plans to meet any accommodations that are needed for each student. 

Educational and Disabilities Services Counselors
Jacqueline Carstens
Jacqueline Carstens
Educational Counselor
712-580-8627 Ext: 8627 | jcarstens@iowalakes.educreate new email
Spencer Campus
Jody Condon
Jody Condon
Associate Professor, Educational Counselor
712-852-5219 Ext: 5219 | jcondon@iowalakes.educreate new email
Emmetsburg Campus
Kevin Range
Kevin Range
Educational Counselor
712-362-7990 Ext: 7990 | krange@iowalakes.educreate new email
Estherville Campus

Educational and Disabilities Services Counselors are located on the Emmetsburg Campus (Room 240), Estherville Campus (Room9), and the Spencer Campus (Room 106). Services are also available to students attending the Algona and Spirit Lake Campuses by contacting the Campus Supervisor. 
How to Request Academic Accommodations
  1. Request Accommodations

    Students may begin their request for accommodations by submitting an application. 

    opens in a new windowAPPLY FOR ACCOMMODATIONSopens PDF file

    If assistance is needed with completing the Request for Accommodations Application, please contact an Educational and Disabilities Services Counselor. 

  2. Provide Documentation

    Students must submit documentation to support their request for accommodations. 

    Students may sign a release form to allow Iowa Lakes to obtain documentation on their behalf, please contact an Educational and Disabilities Services Counselor. 

    opens in a new windowRequest for Release of Recordsopens PDF file

    Iowa Lakes accepts the following documentation:

    • A recent IEP or 504 plan
    • A psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation
    • A letter from a current physician, psychologist, counselor, or other licensed professional
    • Any relevant medical records
    • A summary of Performance or Support for Accommodation Request Form (SAR Form)
    • A copy of an accommodation letter from a previous college or university

    Documentation must include the following:

    • A clear statement of the disability (i.e. diagnosis) 
    • A summary of assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis
    • Summary of educational, developmental and/or medical history
    • Recommendations of reasonable accommodations which are appropriate at the postsecondary level
    • Must be typed, or an official letterhead, and must include a qualified professional’s credentials

    Documentation Guidelines – hyperlink to page (page does not need housed anywhere other than here. 

  3. Schedule a Meeting with an Educational and Disabilities Services Counselor

    Once the Request for Accommodations Application is completed, it is the students responsibility to schedule a meeting with an Educational and Disabilities Services Counselor. 

    Documentation must be submitted to Educational and Disabilities Services Counselors before the scheduled meeting. At this meeting, students will discuss academic assistance needs need academic assistance and the accommodation letter will be written. 

    Please note that accommodation letters are revised and updated each term. 

  4.  Communicate with Instructors

    It is your responsivity to communicate with your instructors about your accusations and to ensure that all needs are met. Before classes start, be certain to schedule a meeting with your instructors. 

Examples of Accommodations Available at Iowa Lakes

Below is a list of examples of for reasonable accommodations offered at Iowa Lakes. Other accommodations may be provided on a case-by-case basis when supported by your documentation and needs. 

  • Testing Accommodations
  • Recording Class Lectures
  • Note-taking Aides
  • Seating
  • Alternative Text
  • Assistive Technology
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Emotional Support or Therapy Animals 
  • Service Animals 

Students requesting an Emotional Support or Therapy Animal must complete the Verification Form below. 

opens in a new windowEmotional Support or Therapy Animal Verification Form opens PDF file

Accommodations & Disabilities Policy

Iowa Lakes Community College implements provisions of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act through our established policies and procedures. 

Iowa Lakes uses these policies and procedures to determine reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. We strive to meet academic and technical standards required for their educational program and are committed to quality service and support to our students.