Iowa Lakes Community College conducts assessments at various levels, allowing the college to evaluate the quality of its educational programs and administrative functions and to use the assessment results to improve continually. These assessments are included in the college’s integrated planning process, known as the Iowa Lakes Strategic Plan, the college's operational planning tool.

Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Iowa Lakes tracks the results and effectiveness of teaching and learning outcomes and defines direct and indirect assessment for our student’s educational pathway.

Iowa Lakes Community College Assessment of Student Learning

The College assessment processes focus on goals for student learning in five areas:

  • Area I        Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)
  • Area II       General Education Program
  • Area III     Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)
  • Area IV     Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)
  • Area V      Co-Curricular

Ongoing Improvement through Assessment

Iowa Lakes Community College views assessment as an ongoing, iterative process. Assessment results are used to modify programs, as necessary, and promote continuous quality improvement of the college's services to students. This work is documented in program reviews, completed by academic faculty, and instructional support programs and services.

As required by the college's accrediting bodies, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Iowa Department of Education, program reviews regularly and systematically evaluate student achievement of all program-level learning outcomes (PLOs).