Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Beginning the Next 50 Years:
Strategic Plan Topics and Visions

Enhancing Student Learning, Engagement, & Success

Every student has the ability to succeed, and Iowa Lakes Community College will utilize learning outcomes, retention, and completion to measure success. The College will ensure that learning opportunities are aligned, engaged, and meaningful and that instructors set clear expectations, provide frequent feedback, and use authentic assessments to collect and analyze data for informed decision making.

The College will be visionary and explore opportunities to advance access and student success through innovation, student services, guided pathways, technology, and partnerships to make sure students are competitive in a global economy.

The College’s initiatives will focus on:

  1. Innovation in Teaching & Learning
  2. Enrollment Optimization
  3. Student Services & Engagement
  4. Guided Pathways

Maximizing Resources

In order to provide the best possible education for Iowa Lakes’ students, the College will ensure that faculty, staff, and administrators have the tools, support, and resources necessary to excel in each individual role.

The ability to realize the College’s goals and strategies is dependent upon adaptable infrastructure, services, and planning, while optimizing human and capital resources.

As the College evolves, administrators will align planning, facilities, financial, and assessment functions to achieve the strategic priorities and meet the learning and working needs of students and employees.

The College’s initiatives will focus on:

  1. Strategic Budgeting
  2. Facilities & Technology
  3. Quality Employees & Professional Development
  4. Data-Informed Decision Making

Creating Powerful Partnerships

Iowa Lakes Community College will create partnerships with economic development authorities, workforce development agencies, small and large businesses, K-12 schools, higher education entities, municipalities, and organizations throughout the district and beyond to contribute to personal, economic, and community vitality. In order to serve numerous partners, the College will expand opportunities for innovative programming, work-based learning, and credential achievement, and work to ensure that programming is aligned with, and responsive to, the voices of regional, national, and global partners.

The College’s initiatives will focus on:

  1. Partnerships with Diverse Educational Institutions
  2. Partnerships with Business and Industry
  3. Work-Based Learning, On-the-Job Training, Apprenticeships, and Internships
  4. Community Engagement

Respecting Culture, Collaboration, & Inclusion

Accomplishing the College’s goals will happen through innovation and collaboration, ensuring that the voice and perspective of each employee and student is valued. In order to keep pace with the rapid changes in higher education and the world, the College will actively engage in working together to design solutions for current challenges and create new possibilities for the future. The College seeks to foster a culture that promotes, rewards, and celebrates inclusion, relationship building, innovation, and collaboration through systems, processes, procedures, practices, and traditions.

The College’s initiatives will focus on:

  1. Department Collaboration
  2. Collegewide Communication
  3. Recognition/Celebration of Diversity & Inclusion
  4. College Spirit/Pride