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Lebron's Family

Father of Iowa Lakes Graduate

Ivan Lebron

In early 2010, Coach Acosta recruited our son to play baseball at Iowa Lakes Community College. Acosta truly made us feel at home and provided an in-depth tour of the Estherville Campus. We were able to see the baseball training sessions and experience what Iowa Lakes had to offer. Our son was offered an athletic scholarship, and we knew Iowa Lakes was the best option. Leaving our only son in such a distant town was very difficult for us, but knowing he would be surrounded by people as special as the Acosta family gave us peace of mind.

We saw our son grow, mature, and become independent while obtaining an associate degree at Iowa Lakes. After leaving Iowa Lakes, he continued his studies and completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic. As parents, we will be eternally grateful to the Iowa Lakes Community College staff for all they did for our son Ivan.

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