FUND YOUR FUTURE - 43% of Iowa Lakes' students graduate debt-free?*


Every year, students leave free money on the table. By completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Iowa Lakes' Scholarship Application, finances don't need to be an obstacle in the way of you getting your education - we are here to help!

Our online scholarship management program makes the scholarship application process easy. Simply complete the application, and you will be matched to the scholarships you are eligible to receive.


The average award per student was $2,100. 

Take advantage of the scholarships offered at Iowa Lakes to offset the costs of attending college.

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*Statistics based on the 2019-2020 academic year. 


Scholarship applications are being accepted for the 2021-2022 Academic year. 


  • Scholarship applications completed by March 1, 2021, will receive Priority Awarding.
  • Scholarships determined during Priority Awarding are divided equally between the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 terms.


  • Scholarships awarded after the October 1, 2021 deadline are applied to the Spring 2022 term only. 

Additional Scholarship Information


Do I have to apply for scholarships each academic year?

Yes, scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and require a new online application each academic year.

If I complete my application by March 1, do I have to complete another application for the October 1 deadline?

No, one online application per academic year covers both deadlines.

How do I choose which scholarships to complete?

Applicants do not choose which scholarships to complete. The online scholarship manager program (Next Gen Web Solutions) screens the answers supplied in your application and matches your application with eligible scholarships.

What is the most common mistake applicants make?

The most common mistake made by applicants is not completing essential fields within the application. By not completing the essential fields within the application, you are not matched with potential qualifying scholarships. 

Another common mistake applicants make is not monitoring their application. Scholarship Applications require two written recommendations, and if these recommendations are missing, an applicant is not considered for any scholarships.

Are there any scholarships available for the summer term?

No, currently, there are no donors that fund the summer terms, and most of our donors only fund full-time students.

List of Available Scholarships

Iowa Lakes has over 150 Scholarships available to our students. 

Interested in viewing a full list of scholarships available?

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Presidential Scholars & Honors Students


The Presidential Scholarship recognizes and honors students who graduate from high school with distinguished honors. 


Must meet two of the following requirements:

  • Minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.4 at the end of the fall semester, senior year (seven (7) semesters).
  • Achieve a minimum composite ACT score of 23 or SAT score of 1130.
  • Be ranked in the top 10% of your graduating class, as verified by your high school transcript.


  • Complete the opens in a new windowIowa Lakes Scholarship Application
  • Attach an unofficial transcript from the fall semester before high school graduation within the scholarship application.
    • Scholarship Deadlines:
      • Fall 2021 Term - March 1, 2021
      • Spring 2022 Term - October 1, 2021
  • Apply to Iowa Lakes
  • Send Official Transcript upon graduating from high school
  • Request an exam report from ACT is sent to Iowa Lakes.


$3,000  Presidential Scholar 
$4,000  Salutatorian (verified by your official high school transcript)
$5,000  Valedictorian (verified by your official high school transcript)

Presidential Scholar Awards may only be used to pay tuition. Funds will be applied directly to your student financial aid package and will be split evenly between fall and spring semesters, with a maximum of four semesters. 


Presidential Scholar students have the opportunity to earn Honors Credit and special recognition during the Graduation Commencement Ceremony by completing in-class honors activities and requirements while attending Iowa Lakes.

To qualify, students must complete the following:

  • Participate in Presidential Scholar academic and leadership or service activities each semester.
  • Participate in Honors Student activities both on- and off- campus. 
  • Collaboratively determine individual, group, or club academic pursuits.
Looking for more scholarship opportunities?

Iowa Lakes Community College is dedicated to helping provide our students with the resources needed to help defray the costs associated with attending college. Below is a list of additional scholarship opportunities that may be available, separate from the scholarships offered at Iowa Lakes.

Deadlines vary by opportunity. 

Addiction Awareness Scholarship offers $10,000 in scholarships annually to three students who share their views on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. 

opens in a new windowFor more information about the Addiction Awareness Scholarship visit

opens in a new windowInformation may be found at

Before applying for this scholarship, please contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement Office at712-362-0427.

The Buena Vista University PHI THETA KAPPA scholarship requires a hardcopy application.

Contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement Office at 712-362-0427. 


opens in a new windowFor more information visit:

Nursing and Medical Assisting - $500  For students interested in pursuing associate level degrees, diplomas or certificates related to Nursing, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technology, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Technology, Radiologic Technology and others.

Art and Design - $500  For students interested in pursuing associate level degrees related to Art, Computer Aided Design, Fashion Design, Visual Communications, Interior Design, Computer Graphics and others.

Computer Technology and Information Systems - $500  For students interested in pursuing associate level degrees or certificates related to Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Networking, Computer Software, Database Technology, Information Security and others.

Online Associate Degree - $500  For full-time or part-time students interested in pursuing any online associate level degree. Scholarship for Women in Technology
Deputy is proud to support women pursuing careers in technology with our Deputy Women in Technology Scholarship. This scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to one student annually who is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master's degree in computer science, information systems, computer engineering, business technology administration or a related IT field.

opens in a new windowFor information on requirements and application visit


Computer Science
For students who are pursuing computer related academic majors. 

opens in a new windowFor more information visit:

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Degrees
A $500 award is given to a student pursuing any associate or bachelor degree program emphasizing Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement.

Areas of study that will be considered include Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Sociology with Law or Criminal emphasis, Corrections, Computer Forensics, and Forensic Psychology, among others.

opens in a new windowFor more information visit: 

Liberal Arts and General Studies Degrees
 A $500 academic award is given to a student pursuing an associate or bachelor degree program emphasizing Liberal Arts, General Studies, or Humanities. 

opens in a new windowFor more information visit:

Architecture and Drafting Degrees
 A $500 academic award given to a student pursuing an associate or bachelor degree program emphasizing Architecture, Architectural Drafting or Design, or Architectural Engineering. 

opens in a new windowFor more information visit: 

Undergraduate Distance Learning Degrees
 A $500 academic award given to a student pursuing a distance learning associate or bachelor degree program.

Available to all part-time or full-time undergraduate students completing an online degree program.

opens in a new windowFor more information visit: 

For Hispanic heritage students with U.S. citizenship, minimum cumulative 3.00 GPA and planning to transfer to any U.S. accredited four-year institution. 

opens in a new windowFor more information visit

Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA)
The Iowa Health Care Association (IHCA) Foundation is now accepting applications for 75 scholarships, totaling $167,500, to help individuals interested in a long-term health care career. opens in a new windowApplication forms are now available online at Applications are due by May 31. Winners will be announced in July.

We are offering the following scholarships:

To learn more, visit  opens in a new window

opens in a new windowVisit for information about the Imagine America Scholarship Programs.

Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation for Education Scholarships
Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be committed to the pursuit of automotive-related studies, such as technician training, body shop/collision repair, diesel, new vehicles sales, parts sales, accounting, or business administration. 
  2. Applications are due at IADA headquarters by 5 p.m. on March 1.
  3. Applicants must submit the following to be considered for a scholarship:
  • A letter written by the applicant detailing their career goals and interest in pursuing an automotive career.
  • An application signed by the president or general manager of an IADA member dealership.
  • A recommendation from a high school or college teacher, counselor, or co-worker.
  • An unofficial transcript of high school or college grades.
  • A copy of the applicant’s Expected Family Contribution from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Excluded from consideration are immediate family members (first generation) of a car or truck dealership owner. Preference will be given to applicants who plan to attend an Iowa college or university. Scholarships may be awarded, in part, on financial need. Prior scholarship recipients who have 2.5 GPA may re-apply.

opens in a new windowFor more information visit:

Scholarships are available for students planning on transferring to Iowa State University after completion of studies at Iowa Lakes Community College.  

opens in a new windowPlease visit the Iowa State University Financial Aid Website: for more information. 

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) at Iowa State University has an online scholarship application called FinAidScholar.  The FinAidScholar application is a single application for all scholarships administered through the OSFA.

For instructions on completing the application contact Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement office 712-362-4410 or Iowa State University Financial Aid office.

You can email their  office at scholarships@iastate.educreate new email or call 515-294-5627.

Iowa Student Loan offers $2,000 scholarships for 30 Iowa high school seniors through the Iowa financial Know-How Challenge: Senior Scholarship.

opens in a new windowRegistration is open now at:

opens in a new windowInterested students must visit the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation website at to determine eligibility. 

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation does not accept applications directly from students; if you feel you meet the eligibility requirements for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement Office at 712-362-0427.

For residents of Dickinson County, Iowa, entering or enrolled in an RN, LPN or BSN program.

For an application call Delaine Olson at 712-336-1795. 

Karman Mobility Disability Scholarship
Karman Healthcare provides college and university students with a scholarship opportunity to help them reach their ultimate goals in life. Two $500 scholarships are awarded annually  for currently enrolled students that meet the requirements.

This scholarship applies to students who have a mobility disability, excelled academically and those who have a regard for disability awareness in America.

All academic applicants who meet the criteria are welcome to submit their application to this year’s Karman Healthcare Scholarship Fund.

Students participating must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be currently enrolled at an accredited college, or university in the U.S.
  • Aged sixteen (16) years or older
  • Open to all college, and university students with a mobility disability who use a wheelchair, or other mobility devices on a regular basis.

opens in a new windowTo apply go to: 

Live Career Scholarship

  1. Create – Write an original, never-before-published essay of between 200 and 800 words on the following topic: “Which personal or educational accomplishment will you be proudest to share with future employers and why?”
  2. Submit – submit your essay in .doc or .pdf format along with your name, mailing address, date of birth, and school by clicking the Apply Now button below. The final day to submit is February 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT.
  3. Who’s Eligible? – All full-time college or university students currently enrolled or scheduled to be enrolled during the quarter/semester when the scholarship will be awarded. 

opens in a new windowTo apply go to

Mark & Colette Heywood are offering a scholarship for Estherville Lincoln Central (Estherville, Iowa) graduates planning to attend Iowa Lakes Community College OR after graduating from Iowa Lakes Community College planning to attend the University of Iowa, Iowa State University or the University of Northern Iowa. 

A Hardcopy application is available at the Institutional Advancement Office, call 712-362-0427. 

Mattress Help Scholarship is provides an annual Sleep Health Scholarship. Each student who is awarded our scholarship will be given $1,000 towards their university or college fees. 
Eligibility requirements:

  • Current high school (or home-schooled) seniors OR current college students 
  • U.S. citizen
  • Carrying a minimum 3.00 GPA
  • Applications close on September 25. 

opens in a new windowFor more information visit: 

High school seniors planning to major in journalism, broadcasting or electronic media at an accredited post secondary education institution are eligible for this grant opportunity. 

Grant funds must be used for tuition and fees. 

Contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement Office at 712-362-0427 for more information.

PHI THETA KAPPA HONOR SOCIETY (Do not need to be a Phi Theta Kappa member unless noted)

  • All-USA/Coca-Cola Academic Teams and New Century Scholars
  • All-State Academic Teams
  • Guistwhite Scholarships (Phi Theta Kappa members ONLY)
  • Hites Transfer Scholarships
  • Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarships
  • Lanza Scholarships
  • Phi Theta Kappa Member Scholarships (Phi Theta Kappa members ONLY) 

opens in a new windowDeadlines and eligibility criteria vary. For complete details visit

All scholarships above require a nomination process. Contact the Iowa Lakes Community College  please contact the Institutional Advancement Office for more information at 712-362-0427. 

Providian Medical Scholarship

Providian Medical, a  leading company in the sales and service of new and refurbished ultrasound, MRI, and CT medical equipment, is pleased to announce its first annual “Providian Medical Scholarship.” At Providian Medical, we believe that education is key for anyone preparing to enter the workplace and embark on a career. To that end, we hope to play a small part in helping students achieve their educational goals with this bi-annual $500 scholarship.

opens in a new windowFor more information about the Providian Medical Scholarship visit:

Pureland Supply Vocational and Skilled Trade Scholarship
Scholarship Description: Pureland Supply sells high quality replacement projector lamps to various Universities, schools, and government entities. We understand the importance of skilled trades in our society and appreciate those who learn and perform specific occupational trades.

The $1,000 Pureland Supply Scholarship is open for students who have been accepted to an accredited community college, technical school, or trade school. Recipients are chosen on their ability to describe how their chosen trade or field plays an important role in today’s world and how the student expects to play a part in the future of their trade or field.

opens in a new windowFor more information about this scholarship or to apply visit:

SDL Achievers Scholarship Quarterly Opportunity

Because one of our primary missions is to be active members in our community, and because we feel that one of the best ways to support it is to invest in its future, by helping students reduce their higher education cost, we created our SDL365 Achievers Scholarship. $500 is awarded quarterly.  Deadline: June 28, September 28, December 28, March 28
How to enter: To enter our contest, students are required to write a 750-word essay, video or infographic on one of the following topics:

  • My Long-Term Project on Becoming Wealthy
  • The Ultimate Method to Survive Student Debt on Long Term
  • What it Takes to Get Organized Financially


  • Be enrolled fulltime in high school or at least part time in college, graduate, professional, or trade school.
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8

opens in a new windowFor more information visit:

For students with a passion for cars and trucks; the specialty-equipment market is looking for you. opens in a new windowFor more information visit: 

Straight North STEM Scholarship
With Internet marketing becoming more complex and challenging by the day, successful execution requires a solid education. As an industry leader, Straight North supports students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.

Through the Straight North STEM Scholarship, we award the winning student $1,000 to be used toward his or her degree. In addition, we award $250 book scholarships to the two runners-up.

Qualifications: To qualify, undergraduate or graduate students must be majoring in a STEM field of study, and attending an accredited college or university.
Deadline: The deadline to apply for the Straight North Stem Scholarship is August 1. Winners will be announced August 15.

opens in a new windowTo apply please visit

Several opportunities are available to students studying Early Childhood Education or Child Care. opens in a new windowVisit or call 800-469-2392 for more information.

Travel Nursing Career Scholarship is excited to offer a $1,000 Nursing Career Scholarship to help nurses advance their career and reach their professional goals. 
We are devoted to helping nurses succeed at all points in their career. It is our goal in offering a nursing scholarship like this to help nurses advance their career through continuing education and/or advanced degree opportunities.

Here’s How to Enter:
Write a 500-word essay, which provides insight into why you chose nursing as your career and how this nursing scholarship will help you further your education/career goals.
Our editorial team will review all qualified essays and select one winner to be announced in January. opens in a new windowWinner will be contacted in January and the winner will be announced by January 31st on the website and via our Facebook page.

Please submit your essay to scholarship@travelnursing.comcreate new email 

Varsity Tutors' is a private tutoring & test prep service with more than 800 tutors in 10 cities, and they have decided to give back to the community by offering a monthly $1,000 college scholarship to students who plan on or are currently attending a 4-year university.  Prizes are awarded monthly and will be paid directly to the winner's college or university at their time of enrollment.

opens in a new windowFor more information visit:

Contact information is: 314-252-8768 or scholarship@varsitytutors.comcreate new email.

For nontraditional students pursuing an education at Iowa Lakes Community College.

For a hardcopy application contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement Office at 712-362-0427. 


Dan Lutat
Executive Director of Foundation & Governmental Relations
dlutat@iowalakes.educreate new email | 712-362-0491 Ext: 4491