History Transfer Major, AA*

his.transfer secondary

 Explore the past with the goal of better understanding societies and cultures while learning to be a skilled critical thinker, communicator, and writer. You will graduate and, following completion of Read More »

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Fine Arts Transfer Major, AA*

FA transfer secondary

The Fine Arts Transfer Major provides the first two years of a four-year curriculum for students who wish to specialize in fine arts, including painting, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, sculpture, metals, Read More »

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Associate in Arts, AA

Associate in Arts degree at Iowa Lakes

The Associate in Arts degree is designed to provide the first two years of a typical college or university bachelor’s degree program in liberal arts, general education, or pre-professional studies. Read More »

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Sociology Transfer Major, AA

Sociology Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Sociology provides a critical understanding about how the world works. If you enjoy studying cultural and social interactions, Iowa Lakes can start you on the path to a valuable and Read More »

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