Programs & Classes

Be Active. Stay Active.

The Arthur & Audrey Smith Wellness Center provides many great opportunities for you to participate in a variety of health and wellness programs and classes. Whether you are just beginning your wellness journey or are just looking to try something new, there is something for everyone.

Fitness Classes

All Iowa Lakes Community College students may attend fitness classes for free as a drop-in.

Our fitness classes are for all levels and abilities. We encourage everyone to work at their own pace. 

Evening Water Aerobics

Want a great aerobic and strength training workout with zero impact on your joints? Break free from your regular routine and jump in.  You can strengthen muscles and joints naturally when you use the resistance of the water against your body and aqua fitness accessories during exercises. 

Lite & Easy Water Fitness

A little less intense, but still a great workout! An aerobic portion followed by toning, strengthening and stretching. Non-swimmers are welcome.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 9:00 am - 9:50 am

Spinning Classes

Very Popular!!! Spinning Classes allow you to stay within a comfortable exercise zone for your fitness level, but still feel like you're "keeping up" with the class. You will be burning about 7.2 to 13.6 calories per minute and toning your legs at the same time. Spinning is also a great way to strengthen your glutes, thighs, and calves. 

Individualized Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Are you interested getting your diet back on track? Consider taking a personal nutrition and eating assessment through our trained and knowledgeable wellness professionals. 

You will: 

  • learn proper nutrition and how to make healthy choices.
  • learn how many calories you should eat according to your needs.
  • keep a food journal.



Brenda McAllister
Wellness Center Personal Trainer
bmcallister@iowalakes.educreate new email

Personal Trainer

Are you needing a little extra guidance with your fitness routine? Are you just beginning and need help getting started? 

Through the Smith Wellness Center Personal Trainers, you will have the opportunity to start working towards a healthier lifestyle, while receiving proper instruction and education. 

Make an appointment with one of our personal trainers today!

Brenda McAllister
Wellness Center Personal Trainer
bmcallister@iowalakes.educreate new email

Mark Johnson
Wellness Center Personal Trainer
mjohnson@iowalakes.educreate new email

Pool Programs

Learn to Swim Program
The Learn to Swim program is offered three times throughout the year. This is a one-week course offered Monday -  Friday.

Infant Preschool Aquatics Program (6 months – 5 years)
The Infant Preschool Aquatics Program is offered at various times throughout the year. This is a one week course and is held four evenings a week for a child and parent.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Classes
Please call to inquire about the next scheduled class.

CPR for the Professional Rescuer Recertification and Automated External Defibrillator Recertification
Call for appointment today.

Lifeguard Recertification with First Aid/ Preventing Disease Transmission
Call for an appointment today.

Private Swimming Lessons
$48 for four 1/2 hour lessons

Summer AHEELA Swim Team
Ages 4 through high school seniors. Sign-up is in April. Please call the Wellness Center for more information or contact:

Katie Schmitt
Summer AHEELA Swim Team Coach

Winter Greater Iowa Swim League Swim Team
Ages 4 through college age. Sign-up is in October. Please call the Wellness Center for more information or contact:

Katie Schmitt
Winter Greater Iowa Swim Team Coach


Do you have an interest in Taekwondo? 

The Smith Wellness Center offers Taekwondo classes for all ages. 

Classes are held on Monday nights.

Contact the Smith Wellness Center for more information.


*Inclement weather policy for aerobic classes: if Emmetsburg Schools have a late start, due to weather, there will be NO morning aerobic classes. If school dismisses early, due to weather, there will be NO afternoon or even aerobic classes.


Call 712-852-5311