Proctoring Services

Certain courses offered at Iowa Lakes Community College require students to take proctored exams to verify student identity and ensure academic integrity.

Proctored exam services are available at Iowa Lakes through the Advising & Success Centers on all five campuses and must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. This service is free to all students registered to attend Iowa Lakes and students enrolled in an online course with a college in the ICCOC.

The Advising & Success center will collect a $15 fee per course exam for students who are not currently registered to attend Iowa Lakes or not taking an online course through the ICCOC.

Proctored Services – Career & Continuing Education Courses

Iowa Lakes offers proctored certification exams for a variety of careers and continuing education courses. Those seeking proctored exam services must schedule the proctored exam at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that certain exams may only be available on one or two campuses. You should contact the campus near you to verify exam availability. If the proctor administration fee is not included with the test fee, a $15 fee is charged for these exams.

If the exam needing to be proctored is online, the Advising & Success Center will need to verify test compatibility and password information with the instructor or company. We can accommodate almost all online exams, but allowing us a minimum of 48 hours will ensure we have all necessary measures to proctor your exam appropriately.