Ag Education Transfer Major, AS*

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The Ag Education Transfer Major prepares students for teaching at the secondary level, working in the extension service, or other agricultural professions. The Ag Education Transfer Major provides a broad…

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Associate in Science, AS

Associate in Science degree at Iowa Lakes

The Associate in Science Transfer degree is designed to provide the first two years of a typical college or university bachelor’s degree program in mathematics, science, technical or pre-professional studies.…

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Physics Transfer Major, AS

Physics Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Start your career in physics at Iowa Lakes! Develop the knowledge and principles to succeed in one of the many exciting career fields involving physics, including data analyst, teacher, lab…

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Mathematics Transfer Major, AS

Math Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Add your love for numbers to a future career you can count on. An incredible career in math begins at Iowa Lakes! Careers in math are diverse and plentiful. Job…

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Chemistry Transfer Major, AS

Chemistry Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Chemistry is a big part of everyday life and is a growing field with many exciting job opportunities! Iowa Lakes will set you on the right track for a career…

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Biology Transfer Major, AS

Biology Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Start your Biology career at Iowa Lakes! Gain the skills and knowledge necessary for one of many exciting career fields relating to biology, such as forensics, conservation, healthcare, pharmaceutical sales,…

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