Campus Visitor Policy

Access to academic and administrative facilities on the College campuses shall generally be limited to students, employees and visitors for the purpose of study, work, teaching and conducting other College business.
Visitors on College campuses who are not students or employees shall conduct themselves in accordance with the law, as well as commonly accepted standards of behavior and safety. Conduct including, but not limited to, intentional or negligent disruption of the orderly process of the College, noise, threats, harassment, physical abuse, endangerment of the health or safety of any person or inappropriate entry into, obstruction of, or occupation of any College property by a visitor, shall be deemed a violation of Board Policy.
If a visitor engages in such conduct and does not cease such conduct when requested, the College employee who is present and in immediate charge of the area shall:
  1. have the authority to inform such visitor that his or her permission to occupy College property is withdrawn,
  2. that such visitor shall leave College property immediately,
  3. that failure to leave Iowa Lakes property shall result in law officers being summoned to take appropriate law enforcement action.
This policy does not require any College employee to take any action that would jeopardize the personal safety of any employee, student, visitor or other party.
Access to individual classrooms and laboratories shall be limited to those enrolled in the courses meeting there and access to most program areas shall be limited to those enrolled in the program; however, and instructor may grant permission for the presence of one or more visitors if, in the instructor’s judgment, such presence is consistent with maintaining a proper educational environment.