Notice to Bidders

Notice to Bidders

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NOTICE TO BIDDERS - Partial Roof & HVAC Replacement

The Board of Trustees of Iowa Lakes Community College, will receive sealed bids for partial roof and HVAC replacement work at the Emmetsburg Library and also the main campus building on the Estherville campus. HVAC unit replacement will occur on the Estherville campus building as a part of this work.

Lump-sum bids will be received for: General Construction including Mechanical and Electrical Construction.

Construction may begin following Owner receipt and approval of required Contracts, Bonds and Insurance for the Emmetsburg Library portion of the Work. For the Estherville Main Campus Building portion of the Work, the start date shall be May 13, 2024 and after approval of required Contracts, Bonds and Insurance are received. The Owner requires that all portions of the Work be Substantially Complete on or before the 15th day of August, 2024.

The Board of Trustees will receive Bids before 2:00 PM on the 14th day of March, 2024 at Iowa Lakes Community College Administrative Office Conference Room 19 South 7th Street, Estherville, Iowa 51334. Bids received after this time will not be accepted. Bids will be opened and publicly read aloud immediately after specified closing time. All interested parties are invited to attend.

Neither the College nor its agents will assume liability for the inability of a bidder to submit a bid in a timely manner or to the correct location. Bidders bear full and complete responsibility for the timely submission of such bid to the correct location as specified. Bids received after the deadline or at the wrong location will not be considered and will be returned to the bidder unopened.

Bidding Documents may be examined online at and at: Albert Lea MN: Albert Lea Builders Exchange, 143 W. Clark Street. Algona IA: Algona Area Chamber of Commerce, 123 E. State Street. Austin MN: Austin Builders Exchange, 329 N. Main Street, #102. Des Moines IA: Dodge Data. Digital plan room only. Des Moines IA: Master Builders of Iowa. Digital plan room only. LaCrosse WI: LaCrosse Builders Exchange. Digital plan room only. Mason City IA: North Iowa Builders Exchange, 25 West State Street. Minneapolis MN: Minnesota Builders Exchange, 1123 Glenwood Ave. Norcross, GA: Reed Construction Data. Digital plan room only. Rapid City SD: Construction Industry Center, 2771 Plant Street. Rochester MN: Builders Exchange of Rochester, 108 Elton Hills Lane NW. St. Paul MN: St. Paul Builders Exchange, 445 Farrington Street. Sioux City IA: Sioux City Construction League, 3900 Stadium Drive. Sioux Falls SD: Plains Builders Exchange, 220 N. Kiwanis. Sioux Falls SD: Sioux Falls Builders Exchange, 1418 AC@ Avenue

Copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from Beeline + Blue, 2507 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312, 515-244-1611 upon receipt of a refundable deposit, by cash or check in the amount of $100, or receipt of Master Builders Plans Request Card, for one set.

Any Bidder, upon returning the documents in reusable condition within 14 days of the award of the Project, shall be returned the deposit in full.

Bidders will be required to provide security deposit in the form of a Bid Bond executed by a corporation authorized to contract as surety in the State of Iowa, cashiers or certified check drawn on a solvent Iowa bank or a bank chartered under the laws of the United States, or certified share draft drawn on a credit unit in Iowa or chartered under the laws of the United States of a sum not less than 5 percent of the Base Price/Sum.

The bid security should be made payable to the Iowa Lakes Community College. The bid security must not contain any conditions either in the body or as an endorsement thereon. The bid security shall be forfeited to the College as damages in the event the successful bidder fails or refuses to enter into a contract within 10 days after the award of contract and post bond satisfactory to the College insuring the faithful fulfillment of the contract and the maintenance of said work, if required, pursuant to the provisions of this notice and the other contract documents.

The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance and Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds both in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract Price and in accordance with other requirements outlined in the Bid Documents.

Bids will be required to be submitted under a condition of irrevocability for a period of 30 days after submission.

This Project is tax exempt. Do Not include Iowa State Sales Tax in any calculation of Bid totals. Contractors and Suppliers will be provided an Iowa sales tax exemption certificate for this Project.

Bidders shall give preference to products and provisions produced or grown within the State of Iowa.

In accordance with Iowa statutes, a resident bidder shall be allowed a preference against nonresident from a state or foreign country if that state or foreign country gives or requires any preference to bidders from that state or foreign country, including but not limited to any preference to bidders, the imposition of any type of labor force preference, or any other form of preferential treatment to bidders or laborers from that state or foreign country. The preference allowed shall be equal to the preference given or required by the state or foreign country in which the nonresident bidder is a resident. In the instance of a resident labor force preference, a nonresident bidder shall apply with same resident labor force preference to a public improvement in this state as would be required in the construction of a public improvement by the state of foreign country in which the nonresident bidder is a resident.

All bidders shall provide a statement regarding the bidder=s resident status. This statement shall be on the Bidder Status Form designated by the Iowa Department of Labor commissioner and available online. The statement must be signed by an authorized representative of the bidder. Failure by any bidder to provide a completed statement with its bid may result in the Board of Education rejecting the bid as non-responsive.

Further consideration of the Bids received and award of contract or other action may be made by the Board of Trustees of Iowa Lakes Community College upon proposals received in accordance with law and plans and specifications at its meeting to be held at the Iowa Lakes Community College SERT building in the Snap-On Conference Room, 2421 7th Avenue South, Estherville, IA 51334 at 4:30 PM on the 19th day of March, 2024.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Bids, or any part thereof, and to waive informalities or irregularities allowed by law and to enter into such Contract or Contracts as may be deemed in the best interests of Iowa Lakes Community College.

Plans and specifications governing the construction of the proposed improvements, and also the prior proceedings of the Board of Trustees referring to and defining said proposed improvements are hereby made a part of this notice and the proposed contract by reference.

All bids will be governed by applicable provisions in the Iowa Code and Iowa Lakes Community College policies, including its Non-Discrimination Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy.

By order of the Board of Trustees

Iowa Lakes Community College
Estherville, Iowa

By: Arden Kinnander, Board President

Notice to Bidders