Game Squad

Game Squad is a club for anyone who enjoys playing video and tabletop games. Some typical games include Scribblio, Jackbox Games, Smash Bros, and Call of Duty for videogames and Werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, and The Resistance for tabletop games. Currently, the club has a group that plays Dungeons and Dragons regularly. We are always willing to try new games, so join us and let’s have some fun connecting over games!

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Campus: Estherville

Meeting Location: Room 45

Meeting Frequency: The club meets twice a week. On Fridays at noon, the club meets to determine the following week’s game and go over any important updates and plans. The other meeting is the actual game night, where club members play games.

How to Join: Membership is open to all Iowa Lakes students from any program. To join the club, contact the Faculty Advisor, Weston Miller. From there, students will be invited to join the club’s Discord server, where they can stay up to date.


Weston Miller
Faculty Advisor
Estherville Campus, Room 43
wmiller@iowalakes.educreate new email

Club Email: GameSquadIowaLakes@gmail.comcreate new email