Title III President’s Grant: Strengthening Institutions to Advance Student Learning

October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2021

$1,685,585 to advance Active Student Learning. Students Benefit By:

  • Active engagement in classroom learning
  • Participation in and accomplishment of meaningful learning activities, learning to formulate and answer questions.
  • Development of problem solving, discussion, debate, brainstorming and communication skills.
Technology Infusion

Iowa Lakes Community College classrooms with interactive technologies to encourage Active Learning.  Instructors and Students will access “low” and “high” technologies to enhance active learning

  • Moveable Furniture, Whiteboards
  • TV Monitors, LCD Projectors, Mirroring
  • Clevertouch Interactive Displays
  • Virtual Reality and Simulation Systems

Ongoing Faculty Development & Training:

  • Integrated technology in active learning classrooms
  • Canvas Learning Management Systems college-wide
  • Hybrid course development and infusion

Iowa Lakes Students Graduate:

  • Prepared for “real life” work experiences
  • Prepared to assess and solve problems in work place
  • With strengthened social skills to communicate in varied work environments
Nursing Department Improvements

Nursing Department - New Nursing SIM Lab

  • Three fully functional hospital rooms and a nursing station
  • Pyxis Medicine Dispensing Unit
  • Baby, Pediatric, Male and Female Simulator units reproduce real life, real time, medical issues
  • Three Nursing IV Pump Units

Nursing Student Testimonials:

“Nursing SIM Center is Excellent!”
“I always tell High School students about the SIM here. It’s like a mini hospital setting!”
“Without SIM we would all feel less confident entering the workforce”
“More Use of the SIM Lab!”

Agriculture Department Improvements

Planting and Livestock technologies:

  • GPS Planter
  • Precision Planting System
  • Guidance Mapping Equipment
  • Performance Livestock Analytics
  • Drone and Software

Agriculture Student Testimonials:

“Iowa Lakes is tech savvy and allows hands on learning.”
“Ag has kept up with the technology.”
“It’s easier to learn about Ag with all the tech.”
"Classes are more 1:1, interactive and visual.  Not all lecture.”
“Great school.  Easy to learn.”

Title III Contacts
Thomas Brotherton
Thomas Brotherton
Executive Dean, Emmetsburg Campus | Title III Activity Director
712-852-5244 Ext: 5244 | tbrotherton@iowalakes.educreate new email
Emmetsburg Campus
Abby Burns
Abby Burns
Title III Project Co-Coordinator
712-852-5257 Ext: 5257 | aburns@iowalakes.educreate new email
Emmetsburg Campus
Dr. Jennifer Peterson
Dr. Jennifer Peterson
Educational Technologist
712-362-7927 Ext: 7927 | jpeterson@iowalakes.educreate new email
Estherville Campus
Susan Pietz
Susan Pietz
Campus Stores Coordinator / Title III Project Coordinator
712-362-6840 Ext: 6840 | spietz@iowalakes.educreate new email
Estherville, Administration Campus