Students benefit from new initiative to increase student success at Iowa Lakes

A new software program has been implemented at Iowa Lakes Community College which will assist students when they face challenges.

The new platform, called Nuro Retention, takes information already being recorded by college professors and blends it with data from academic counselors and coaches to identify students at the highest risk of not reaching their goals. The system also incorporates registration records placed into the Ellucian Colleague system by other staff members.

“Statewide statistics show that overall graduation and transfer success rates for Iowa Lakes are 6 percent higher than the state average and we intend to use this system as a way to increase that rate even higher,” said Cody Alesch, College Completion Specialist. “And, with more than 80 percent of our students living in Iowa, that benefits not only our students, but economic development throughout our region.”

With the Nuro Retention system, professors can privately communicate with other key individuals at the college about the progress of a student or share ideas for the best methods to encourage or engage that student.

Other data collected includes: attendance, assignment status, scores and information on follow-up steps which have already occurred. Communication can then be transmitted to the student’s mobile phone as well as their email. Often, that communication invites the student to a meeting or gives them a task to be completed by a specific date.

“Our professors are spearheading this by using the new Canvas Learning Management System and inputting the data that identifies when there is a lapse in attendance or completion of assignments,” Alesch said. “The Nuro Retention system then takes those files and build records which help us identify individuals who need help.

“I truly believe that students succeed at a higher rate when they believe in themselves and understand what steps can be taken to improve their overall performance,” Alesch added.

Nuro Retention software

Professors and staff members learn how to apply the Nuro Retention software to help students succeed at Iowa Lakes Community College.

For More Information:

Cody Alesch, College Completion Specialist (and Head Wrestling Coach) at 712-362-7930