Educational Counseling FAQ

Counseling Questions

I am concerned about a friend, can a counselor help me?

Yes, counselors at Iowa Lakes are there to help with your questions or concerns.

Do I need to make an appointment to see a counselor or can I just drop in?

Appointments are not necessary. Drop-in appointments are welcome if a counselor is available. Appointments may be made in advance to assure student contact with counselor.

Academic questions

If I am not happy with a grade I have received, what are my options?

Students have an appeal process to follow as noted in the Iowa Lakes Student Handbook if they are unhappy with a grade received.

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This appeal is made in writing by the student to the Academic Review Committee and delivered to the director of records and registration. If the committee’s decision is adverse, a further appeal may be made in person before the committee.

The final decision of the committee may be appealed to the executive dean or, if the dean’s decision is negative, to the college president or the president’s designee.

How do I get rid of F’s on my transcript?

All grades remain on the academic record. When students who repeat courses previously taken at Iowa Lakes Community College the last grade (A,B,C,D,F) will count for GPA credit.

I am failing a class, what should I do?

Students of Iowa Lakes who are experiencing difficulties in a class should meet with the instructor to explain their concern. Iowa Lakes Community College students are encouraged to go to the Success Center for tutoring and other support services.

How do I drop a class?

Pick up a Registration/Change in Registration/Complete Withdrawal form from the educational counseling or business office. Fill out Drop Courses section with assistance of your advisor or an Educational Counselor. A refund may be administered according to a pro-rated schedule.

How do I change my program of study?

The student's advisor or the Educational Counseling offices are good places to start. Students are encouraged to discuss any career changes they would like to make and can be assisted with the necessary steps to change programs and/or advisors. 

What effect does my GPA have on my college success?

The student’s GPA has an effect on student status, financial aid, and whether or not the student ultimately graduates. See the Student Handbook for further details concerning GPA.

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Why did i receive a student absentee letter from a counselor?

The counselor sends a student absentee letter/postcard when an instructor notices several absences by the student. The Absentee Letter/postcard from the counselor is designed to remind the student of their responsibility to the class. The letter/postcard is also sent to encourage the student to ensure their own success by attending all scheduled classes.

If I am not returning to Iowa Lakes, why do I need to do a complete withdrawal?

It benefits Iowa Lakes Community College students who are withdrawing to initiate a formal drop. A student of Iowa Lakes who fails to show up for registered classes and does not report to the business office that they are withdrawing will receive grades of "F" for all courses.

Students withdrawing from Iowa Lakes should make sure they receive any refund they might be eligible for on the pro-rated refund schedule.  Should students sometime in the future (even 5-10 years from now) decide to return to college at Iowa Lakes or any other institution, the “F’s” on the transcript will make it difficult to achieve the GPA needed to graduate or be admitted into specific programs or majors.

Am I obligated to fulfill my dorm contract (2-semester) if I leave Iowa Lakes at semester time?

If you leave Iowa Lakes Community College at semester time you are obligated to fulfill your two-semester dorm contract. It is your responsibility to find an acceptable replacement to occupy your spot if you vacate your unit before your contract is complete. Please note your housing contract.

Where do I find out about Scholarships?

The Iowa Lakes website is the best source of updated information on scholarships.  The financial aid office has information on sources of aid. The Educational Counseling Office can assist students in researching transfer information and scholarships.

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