STEM Festivals

To best serve the needs of our region, we will be sponsoring multiple STEM festivals and events. The goal of the festivals is to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life by assembling experienced scientists, engineers, teachers and education experts to provide an afternoon full  of hands-on activities.

We host festivals as a school event with in depth sessions or organized like a street festival or county fair, visitors stroll from activity to activity at their leisure. Past activities have included medical simulations, robotics, virtual reality, experiments and construction.

Our festivals are always free, hands-on, minds-on events for the whole family!

Festivals & Events

  • Back to School Bash, Estherville
  • Science Saturday, Clay County Fair
  • Build My Future, Sioux City
  • Lawton Bronson Preschool Festival
  • Computer Science Virtual Coffee
  • Storm Lake Family Code night
  • Kingley-Peirson Computer Science Event
  • Cherokee Career Day Festival
  • Pocahontas Area Greatest Showman (Computer Science
  • Steam Fest
  • STEM Scale-Up Application Workshop
  • Blackhawk STEM Festival
  • Woodbury Central CS Day
  • NWAE/NW STEM Tech Playground
  • Steam Fest Junior
  • West Sioux District STEM Family Night