Over 700,000 Awarded in Scholarships by Iowa Lakes Community College Foundation

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(Estherville, Iowa) The Iowa Lakes Community College Foundation has awarded scholarships to nearly 350 students to help pay for college. Scholarships awarded by the Iowa Lakes Foundation are funded by Iowa Lakes alumni, community members, and businesses to provide students with the chance to overcome financial obstacles as they pursue a quality education at Iowa Lakes Community College and beyond.

During this year’s selection process, students will receive at least one scholarship from 102 different scholarship funds. The total dollar amount of scholarships is $709,958, which averages $2,045 per student.

Through the awarding process, Iowa Lakes Community College Foundation is proud to announce the students selected to receive a portion of the awarded scholarship monies.

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Iowa Lakes makes applying for financial resources as simple as possible for students. After filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), students complete a single online scholarship application to apply for all scholarships available through the Iowa Lakes Foundation. The Iowa Lakes scholarship awarding system automatically matches students who complete and submit the application to all eligible scholarships.

To learn more about the scholarships available at Iowa Lakes, please visit iowalakes.edu/scholarships.