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In observance of National Volunteer Month, Northwest Iowa RSVP is directing attention toward various focus areas prioritized in the program for grant funding. The last category of “Other Community Priorities” stands out, encompassing museums, healthcare settings, community organizations, and more, serving as a pivotal focus in Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth, and Palo Alto counties.

As the summer season approaches, volunteers from Northwest Iowa RSVP are eagerly stepping into the sunshine, contributing their time to nature centers, summer camps, park maintenance, trail upkeep, and library programs. Volunteers passionate about history, arts, and culture are actively involved in local historical society museums and art centers and contribute as ushers for theatre productions and music concerts. Heartfelt caregiving volunteers offer companionship visits and musical performances at local hospitals and care centers. At the same time, some volunteers showcase their sewing and knitting skills to create quilts and blankets to donate to local veterans, churches, and community projects.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of our small communities. You can find them in each of our counties as they help facilitate our small community organizations and clubs, assist at local events, and carry out projects to improve their little piece of northwest Iowa,” affirms Megan Spurgin, Emmet County RSVP Coordinator.

When embarking on a volunteer journey, individuals must prioritize introspection and identify the passions and activities that bring them the most joy. Many unique volunteer opportunities are available, and local coordinators love assisting individuals in finding the perfect fit for their volunteering endeavors. The path to volunteerism can be as unique as desired, with opportunities to explore new tasks and roles within the program.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to volunteering. It brings me great joy to see our volunteers fulfilled by the work they do. Some volunteers come in knowing exactly where they want to spend their time, and others are open to trying out a few places before finding the right fit. Both are wonderful approaches, and the beauty of volunteer work is that each opportunity is as unique as the volunteers working with us. As RSVP coordinators, we genuinely love hearing from our volunteers about their impact and how their time is incredibly worthwhile to those they share it with,” emphasized Spurgin.

Individuals interested in joining NW Iowa RSVP are encouraged to email, click here to complete a registration form at, or contact an RSVP coordinator.