Nontraditional STEM Careers NW STEM Festival March 2021

Students in grades 6-8 in the  opens in a new windowNW STEM Region are invited to participate in the Nontraditional STEM Careers NW STEM Festival beginning on March 1, 2021 and ending on March 31, 2021. Parents and teachers can register their students from March 8-March 15, 2021 here:  opens in a new window

The goals of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) festivals are to promote, inspire and engage youth in STEM activities and introduce students and parents to STEM careers in Northwest Iowa. Additionally, our goal is to prevent gender from deterring students from exploring careers they are interested in pursuing.

This festival is free and entirely available online. Presenters have supplied videos of themselves demonstrating a skill required in their careers and will present a STEM challenge to students related to their jobs.

Upon registration, students will receive a STEM Challenge Kit with materials to complete challenges related to nontraditional careers.

About the Northwest STEM Region: Managed by Mary Trent, the Northwest STEM Region is one of six Iowa STEM Regions guided by the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and dedicated to building a strong STEM education foundation for all Iowans. For more information about this STEM Region or the Iowa STEM Network, contact Northwest Iowa STEM Hub at 712-362-8341 or go to

For More Information: Northwest Iowa STEM Hub at 712-362-8341