Moving Towards Healthy Lifestyles: Iowa Lakes Partners With National Fitness Campaign For New Outdoor Fitness Court

Kyle receiving check

(Emmetsburg, Iowa) Iowa Lakes Community College is partnering with National Fitness Campaign (NFC) to add the second world-class outdoor Fitness Court® in Iowa to the Emmetsburg Campus next to the Arthur and Audrey Smith Wellness Center. The new workout center, slated for construction in 2024, will be built as a class project for the Construction Technology program at Iowa Lakes.

“The Fitness Court® will encourage healthy lifestyles by offering a fun and free option for all residents and visitors to our region. We are excited to be part of the Healthy Infrastructure Initiative with the City of Emmetsburg, providing another means to improve the quality of life for the students and communities we serve,” shared Kyle Norris, Executive Dean of the Emmetsburg Campus.

An outdoor bodyweight circuit training system, the Fitness Court®, features integrated shock-resistant sports flooring with seven zones to support a full-body workout. Up to 28 adults of all ages and abilities can utilize the area simultaneously and complete the circuit of seven movement zones in seven minutes.

In addition, a companion app developed by fitness experts will be available on iOS and Android that converts the Fitness Court® into a digitally supported wellness system with video workouts and samples of exercises for each station. Additionally, certified community ambassadors will set up fitness challenges for the community available through QR codes.

Iowa Lakes has already raised nearly $100,000 but still needs an additional $50,000 to complete the project. In addition to a $30,000 grant from NFC for the Fitness Court®, Iowa Lakes has obtained funding from community partners, including Ag Processing Incorporated (AGP) and the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation, through a partnership with the City of Emmetsburg and the Emmetsburg Economic Development Corporation.

“Upon completing the project, all citizens, students, and visitors of Palo Alto County will have a free top-notch outdoor fitness center available 24 hours a day, allowing more opportunities to socialize and exercise together while moving toward healthier lifestyles like never before,” said Norris.

If interested in partnering with Iowa Lakes Community College to help complete the Fitness Court®, please contact Kyle Norris, Executive Dean of the Emmetsburg Campus, at 712-852-5244 or Brenda McAllister, Wellness Center Supervisor, at 712-852-5312.


About National Fitness Campaign

The Fitness Court® was invented by NFC Founder Mitch Menaged in 1979 in San Francisco, California, to encourage healthy lifestyles. The Fitness Court® was re-imagined in 2012 with a digital ecosystem to support healthy living. By 2018, the Fitness Court® launched in 100 cities across the United States and has partnered with sponsors, cities, and colleges to build its 21st-century network.

By 2022, the Campaign will operate in over 1,000 cities and colleges. NFC works with municipalities, schools, and sponsors across America to plan, design, and fund healthy cities of the future. NFC’s goal is to have a free outdoor Fitness Court® within a 10-minute bike ride of every American by 2030.

Please visit for more information about NFC and the Fitness Court®.

PHOTO CAPTION: Kyle Norris, Executive Dean of Emmetsburg at Iowa Lakes Community College (left), accepts a $5,000 donation for the Fitness Court® from AGP given by Mark Johnson, Soy Manager (middle), and Kerry Freilds, Senior Merchandiser (right).