More Than 40 Students Leaders Introduced At Iowa Lakes Trustee Meeting

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(Estherville, Iowa) More than 40 student leaders attended the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Julie Williams, Executive Dean of Students, introduced students serving in student leadership positions at Iowa Lakes Community College as Student Senators, Laker Crew Ambassadors, and Resident and Graduate Assistants. Each student leader shared their educational plans and why they decided to attend Iowa Lakes.

Iowa Lakes student leaders present at Tuesday’s meeting included:

Emmetsburg Campus

  • Mackenzie Peter, Student Ambassador, Marshalltown, Iowa
  • Lauren Thomas, Student Ambassador, York, Neb.
  • Haley Green, Student Ambassador, Plattsmouth, Neb.
  • Michelle Cuevas Beltran, Student Ambassador, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • Allison Probst, Student Ambassador, Alton, Iowa
  • Austin Lyons, Student Senate, Jackson, Minn.
  • Andres Santana, Student Senate, San Diego, Carabobo, Venezuela
  • Owen McKim, Student Senate, Spirit Lake, Iowa
  • Mariah Geistfeld, Student Senate, Saint James, Minn.
  • Elise Hinders, Student Senate, Newell, Iowa
  • Marcelo Rojas, Student Senate, Piura, Peru
  • Dylan Short, Resident Advisor, Cherokee, Iowa

Estherville Campus 

  • Chloe Krohn, Student Ambassador, Lawton, Iowa
  • Cole Danner, Student Ambassador, Estherville, Iowa
  • Jamie Lauck, Student Ambassador, Milford, Iowa
  • John Tiller, Student Ambassador, Philippines
  • Mercedes DePyper, Student Ambassador & Student Senate, Graettinger, Iowa
  • Rachel Breck, Student Ambassador & Student Senate, Waseca, Minn.
  • Raynee LaGrange, Student Ambassador, Amana, Iowa
  • Rubin Charles, Student Ambassador, Spirit Lake, Iowa
  • Sarah Floyd, Student Ambassador, San Antonio, Texas
  • Scottie Neubauer, Student Ambassador, Ida Grove, Iowa
  • Trinity LaGrange, Student Ambassador, Amana, Iowa
  • Tori Zemler, Student Ambassador, Spirit Lake, Iowa
  • Adelee Reinhardt, Student Senate, Estherville, Iowa
  • Adrienne Rosfjord, Student Senate, Estherville, Iowa
  • Brooke Wright, Student Senate, Mansfield, Ark.
  • Cole Danner, Student Senate, Estherville, Iowa
  • Jaden Templin, Student Senate, Estherville, Iowa
  • Jaydan Nitchals, Student Senate, Estherville, Iowa
  • Karisa Hernandez, Student Senate, Houston, Texas

Spencer Campus

  • Louise Godden, Student Senate, Stevenage Hertfordshire, England
  • Andre Sarmento, Student Senate, Salvador, Brazil

Graduate Assistants

  • Shawn Bryant- Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Chris Witzke – Dakota City, Iowa
  • Khalil Robinson- Fresno, Texas
  • Marshall Carpenter- Bozeman, Mont.
  • Simon Kitzis- Newton, Mass.
  • Sheldon Spelman- Norman, Okla.
  • Sydney Swanson- Etherville, Iowa
  • Dakota Young- Arboles, Colo.

Kyle Norris, Executive Dean of the Emmetsburg Campus, was approved to move forward with two grant applications to the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC), one mini-grant ($5,000 or less) and one full grant ($5,001 or more).

Norris explained, “The first grant application is for a mini-grant to support the needs of the library complex by facilitating the purchase of a Clevertouch. The full grant application is for the Smith Wellness Center for the replacement of workout equipment, including items such as treadmills, ellipticals and other needs within the cardiovascular room.”

The next meeting of the Iowa Lakes Community College Board of Trustees will be held on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at the Administration Building, 19 South 7th Street, Estherville, Iowa, at 4:30 pm.