Iowa Lakes news

(Spencer, Iowa) Iowa Lakes Community College is pleased to announce the success of its Massage Therapy Program, as demonstrated by the recent licensure test results. Each graduate who underwent the test achieved a 100% pass rate, accredited by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

Kate Zeutenhorst, Licensed Massage Therapist and a 2020 Graduate of the Iowa Lakes Massage Therapy program, expressed appreciation for the program’s educational quality, stating, “I cannot say enough about the stellar education I received from Iowa Lakes Community College Massage Therapy Program. Our classes were extensive and designed to help us succeed, whether we open our own massage studio or work for an employer. Without this program, I would not have the robust and vibrant practice I have today.”

The Iowa Lakes Massage Therapy Program spans three terms and centers on a holistic approach to healing. With a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and body mechanics and hands-on training from seasoned faculty, graduates are well-prepared to excel in licensure tests. They have the skills for success in various work settings, from chiropractic offices to cruise ships to starting a new business.

“The curriculum at Iowa Lakes Massage Therapy is well rounded in technical skill and academic rigor. Our goal is to continue to provide an education that will lead to successful outcomes in licensure and thriving practices for all graduates,” explained Elizabeth Larsen, the Massage Therapy Coordinator.