Laker Now Courses Offered at Iowa Lakes for 2021 Summer Term

(Estherville, Iowa) Iowa Lakes Community College is offering Laker NOW courses for the Summer 2021 Term. Student registration for summer courses is open now through May 24.

“We are excited to offer Laker NOW virtual courses this summer. Laker NOW courses are entirely online with a personal touch offering students increased convenience and flexibility without the location or time limitations of traditional classroom settings,” explained Scott Stokes, Executive Dean on the Iowa Lakes Estherville Campus.

Iowa Lakes instructors will be using Zoom or Microsoft Teams to provide live virtual sessions on scheduled days and times. For students who miss the live session, recordings will be available so students can view the class sessions later.

Laker NOW courses are available for the entire summer session, from May 24 to July 30, for courses such as Business 211-Business Statistics, CHM 151-College Chemistry I, and MAT-211 Calculus.

For Session 1, from May 24 to June 24, Laker NOW courses will be available for ENG 105-Composition I, MAT 110– Math for Liberal Arts, MUS 205-Jazz History and Appreciation, and PSY 111-Intro to Psychology.

Laker NOW Courses for Session 2 are offered from June 29 through July 30 for the following classes: ENG 106-Composition II, MAT 140-Finite Math, MAT 211-Calculus I, MUS 100-Music Appreciation, and SOC 110-Intro to Sociology.

“We are offering Laker NOW for select courses because students have indicated that having a live class session available benefits them and their ability to learn the course material. We want our students to be successful, so we strive to offer options that meet the needs of our students,” said Stokes.

For questions regarding the Laker NOW courses, please contact the Iowa Lakes Registrar, Barb Grandstaff, at 712.362.7923 or

For more information, please contact Barb Grandstaff at 712-362-7923 or