Kinsey’s Creations: A Recipe for Success


From a very young age when she had to stand on a chair to reach the kitchen counter, Kinsey Throne loved to bake.  She spent hours in the kitchen baking with her grandmother.  Before the age of five, Kinsey was mixing up cakes and cupcakes. She helped make Angry Bird cupcakes for her third birthday.  Kinsey’s parents, Adam and Kelsey Throne of Algona, encouraged their young daughter’s baking interest.  When she would ask how to make something or what ingredients to use, they enabled her to experiment freely, sparking hours of curiosity and creativity.

Fast forward to today and Kinsey is the twelve-year old entrepreneur behind Kinsey’s Creations.  She makes an array of different products including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars, soaps, and candles.  She continues to gain new techniques and ideas through researching Pinterest and YouTube, and even from other local baker entrepreneurs. This spring a family friend asked Kinsey to make a cake and the word spread. She has now fulfilled many cake orders for family and friends.

Kinsey is learning the balancing act of being a young entrepreneur while attending Algona Middle School and participating in extra-curricular activities including piano lessons, band, Girl Scouts, art classes, and volunteer duties at Animal Rescue Family.  Clearly, she is self-motivated and disciplined with her time. This past year, Kinsey set a goal for Girl Scout Cookie sales, aiming to sell more than 2,000 boxes of cookies.  Thanks to her dedication, focus, and many hours spent working at cookie booths throughout Algona, she surpassed her goal and earned a trip to Savannah, Georgia, in 2023.  Her sights are now set on earning enough money for a trip to the Boundary Waters in high school.

This summer, Kinsey participated in the Tietz Entrepreneurial Center’s Youth Entrepreneur Showcase at the Kossuth County Fair.  She displayed and sold cupcakes, scotcharoo bars, soaps, and candles in Floral Hall.  She worked tirelessly to build up a variety of baked items and inventory to be able to sell several evenings of the fair. Coming into the experience, Kinsey was apprehensive, but excited.  She quickly became at ease once she started talking and selling to customers, and she realized how much fun it was. She learned the importance of product pricing, displaying, and communication skills. She also met another young entrepreneur participant in the Showcase.

Kinsey plans to continue offering her baked goods, soaps, and candles, and she hopes to learn more decorating techniques, experiment with more frosting choices, as well as expand beyond cake-making. Kinsey’s grandmother is proud to see her young granddaughter carry on her love of baking, and she has bestowed Kinsey with several beloved baking tools that Kinsey uses regularly.

Kinsey and her family appreciate the community’s encouragement and support of her entrepreneurial journey.  Kinsey encourages other young individuals to experiment to find out what they like to do, and then pursue it. Great words of wisdom from a teenpreneur!

Contact Kinsey’s Creations through Facebook messaging to Kelsey Throne or email