Iowa Lakes news

Governor Kim Reynolds recently unveiled the recipients of the CDL Infrastructure Grants, and Iowa Lakes Community College was among the beneficiaries. The grants, totaling $4.84 million, have been awarded to 10 of Iowa’s esteemed community colleges. These funds will facilitate the acquisition of new equipment and the establishment or renovation of driver training facilities. These grants are estimated to increase annual program participation by 1,305 individuals collectively.

Iowa Lakes Community College receives $240,000 of the awarded monies through a Future Ready Iowa grant to build a cutting-edge Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training program. This program is a significant step towards addressing the increasing demand for CDL drivers in the Iowa Lakes region and will be instrumental in advancing this much-needed program.

Iowa Lakes will make critical investments in the CDL program by purchasing two truck and trailer combinations and a state-of-the-art simulator to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. Students enrolled in the CDL Program will gain the theoretical knowledge and hands-on driving skills needed to thrive while learning within a controlled environment.

Additionally, Iowa Lakes plans to run the CDL training program concurrently with existing programs, including Agriculture, Construction Technology, Farm Equipment & Diesel Technology, and Wind Energy & Turbine Technology.

“We wish to express our gratitude for this invaluable grant, which will enable us to contribute significantly to the CDL driver workforce in our region. We look forward to providing high-quality CDL training that will prepare individuals for successful careers in the transportation industry while addressing the critical shortage of CDL drivers,” explained Jeff Soole, Dean of Career and Technical Education and Workforce.

Iowa projects needing more than 10,000 commercial drivers annually between 2020 and 2030. The state recognized this demand and launched the CDL Infrastructure Grant program through the Future Ready Iowa initiative to eliminate financial barriers to driver training and, consequently, foster more licensed commercial drivers across Iowa.

To learn more about the Iowa Lakes CDL training program, please contact Jeff Soole at 712.580.8628 or click here