Iowa Lakes Offers Mel Brooks Film Class

Iowa Lakes news

(Spencer, Iowa) During the dark days of winter, hearty laughter will fill the room as participants in the “MEL BROOKS: Make a Noise!” series will enjoy the hilarity of films produced, directed, scripted, and acted in by Brooks. Iowa Lakes Community College offers this as part of the Third Age College or a Stay Active in Learning (SAIL) series of classes mainly for individuals 65 and older. This film class will meet weekly on Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:30 am starting January 26, 2022, on the Spencer Campus.

Brooks, well known for stretching the limits of decency, left audiences laughing out loud until their sides ached and their eyes watered. Infamous scenes from Brooks’ movies like the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles or Igor’s moveable hump and Gene Wilder as Young Frankenstein are treasured classics.

Participants in the “MEL BROOKS: Make a Noise!” series will enjoy many laughs while viewing both well-known films and more obscure films by Brooks.

The “MEL BROOKS: Make a Noise!” series will cost $25 with a virtual learning option available. To register for the series, visit and search for class number 5902 or call 800-252-5664.