Iowa Lakes Community College Partners with CompTIA

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Iowa Lakes Community College recently became an Authorized Academic Partner with CompTIA, a well-known computer and Information Technology (IT) training leader. This partnership marks a significant stride in expanding educational opportunities for students and community members interested in pursuing certifications in the dynamic field of IT.

The college is excited to introduce new certification offerings, including CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+. These certifications, recognized industry-wide, provide participants with a valuable skill set essential for success in the IT field.

Weston Miller, Program Coordinator of Computer Programming and Game Design and Development, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, “After discussions with Scott Stokes, we recognized the tremendous learning opportunities this partnership with CompTIA could bring our students. I took the initiative to complete the necessary paperwork, engage with the right contacts, and undergo additional training to make this collaboration a reality.”

As an Authorized Academic Partner, Iowa Lakes Community College now enjoys discounts ranging from 28% to 54% off the regular prices when purchasing certification vouchers directly from the CompTIA store. Miller emphasized that this discount applies to all CompTIA exams throughout the year, offering an inclusive opportunity for everyone interested, not just limited to students.

The newly introduced certifications, starting with CompTIA A+ Certification, serve as a stepping stone for those entering the IT field. This industry-standard certification demonstrates competency as a computer technician, covering essential areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security, and troubleshooting across various technologies and operating systems.

In addition to these certifications, Iowa Lakes Community College provides a comprehensive Computer Programming program. Participants in this program master modern high-level programming languages and gain experience with databases, spreadsheets, computer hardware, and networking. The program combines hands-on lab and classroom experiences, ensuring students are well-equipped for their careers or further studies at a four-year college.

The college’s commitment to practical learning is reinforced through real work experience opportunities, on-the-job practicums, and optional technology courses in networking, graphic design, and web page development. This multifaceted approach prepares participants not only for certification exams but also for the challenges and expectations of the workforce.

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