Iowa Lakes Community College Enhances Library with Clevertouch Computer

Clevertouch computer grant

(Emmetsburg, Iowa) Iowa Lakes Community College is proud to announce a recent library update of a state-of-the-art Clevertouch computer, made possible by a mini grant of $1,184 awarded by the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC). This grant has enabled the College to enhance its technological capabilities and foster interactive learning experiences for students and community members.

PACGDC awarded Iowa Lakes a mini grant in 2019 to acquire a Clevertouch screen, a large-format, touch-sensitive interactive display system. Since being purchased, the Clevertouch screen has proven to be an asset for presenting images, sharing information, facilitating meetings, and supporting various community activities in the library.

As part of ongoing efforts to maximize the potential of the Clevertouch, Iowa Lakes sought additional funding to equip the system with a dedicated computer unlocking more features and enabling users to utilize the interactive capabilities and innovative tools incorporated fully.

“We are thrilled to receive the mini grant from PACGDC, which has allowed us to take a significant step forward in enhancing the learning and collaboration experiences for our students and the community,” shared Executive Dean Kyle Norris. “The new Clevertouch computer opens up new possibilities for dynamic presentations, engaging lessons, and fruitful discussions, benefiting both our students and the community groups that utilize our facilities.”

With the funds received from the PACGDC grant, Iowa Lakes procured a compatible PC module, installed the necessary software, and implemented cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety and integrity of the system. The total cost of the project was $1316, with the PACGDC grant accounting for most of the expenses.

“We sincerely thank PACGDC for their continued support and commitment to advancing education, technology, and wellness initiatives in our community. This mini grant will have a lasting impact on the College’s ability to deliver high-quality educational experiences,” expressed Norris.