Iowa Lakes Announces New Course Options For Fall 2019

(Estherville, Iowa) Iowa Lakes Community College announced that they will offer a select set of 8-week courses on the Estherville campus of Iowa Lakes Community College.

With these new course options, students will have the opportunity to receive full-time status by enrolling in two-three courses for the first eight weeks of the semester and two-three additional courses for the second eight weeks of the semester.

“One of the advantages of this model is that it allows students to focus on only 2-3 subjects at a time, and makes it easier to balance work, school, and life demands,” says Lisa Stich, Executive Dean of the Estherville Campus. Students can mix and match options by enrolling in both 8-week and 16-week classes.

“One thing to remember,”  Stich adds, “is that the courses move more quickly through the same amount of material, so a study plan to stay focused and keep up with assignments is important for success. Even so, the research from other colleges using this model is that students enjoy the faster pace, and successful course completion increases. If the model for Fall 2019 is successful, we will look to expand the courses available in this format.”

Students are being advised to register for both 8-week sessions before the start of the Fall 2019 school year to assure financial aid eligibility. Registration is now open.

For More Information:

For more information about the new course options, contact Lisa Stich, Executive Dean of the Estherville Campus, at 712-362-7913 or by email at

To enroll in classes at Iowa Lakes Community College, contact Annie Kalous, Director of Admissions at 712-852-5254 or by email at