Iowa Lakes and Emmet County Receive Wind Energy Gold County Seal Award Designation

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Creating Renewable Energy in Emmet County, Iowa

(Estherville, Iowa) Iowa Lakes Community College and Emmet County receive the Gold County Seal Award Designation from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). During a virtual award ceremony held by AWEA, Valerie Newhouse, President of Iowa Lakes Community College, accepted the Gold County Seal award. Governor Kim Reynolds, who was unable to attend the virtual ceremony, was awarded the 2020 U.S. Wind Champion Award.

“Dan Lutat applied to AWEA’s wind county seal program recently. We are happy to announce that Emmet County qualified for a Gold Seal because of Iowa Community Lakes College’s wind technician program. Iowa Lakes is certainly the gold standard for wind tech programs not only across Iowa but the country as well,” explained Megan Kirik of Power Up Iowa, a statewide coalition of renewable energy supporters, on behalf of the American Wind Energy Association.

The award celebrates sixteen top leaders in the United States in Wind Technology, as part of the American Wind Week. The designation recognizes the significant efforts of Iowa Lakes to build a clean energy future, provide educational opportunities in wind technology, and support the economic and environmental benefits that wind energy brings to Emmet County, Iowa, and the United States.

“American wind energy has grown substantially over the past decade, building on a 50-state footprint of family-supporting jobs, local manufacturing, and investments in rural communities. This American success story owes a great debt to bipartisan support from leaders on Capitol Hill and in states across the country who have recognized wind’s ability to drive this country’s economy forward with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. In the face of the significant challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, this support means more than ever. Our deepest thanks to these champions who are helping wind build a stronger and more resilient American future,” said Tom Kiernan, AWEA CEO.

The AWEA celebrates the U.S. Wind Champions for helping build a sustainable, affordable, and prosperous energy future. The select group of bipartisan Senators, Representatives, and Governors embrace a forward-thinking approach to energy policy that has enabled wind to become our country’s largest renewable energy source while employing over 120,000 Americans across all 50 states.

As wind energy continues to grow across the nation, Iowa is ranked first in the country for clean wind energy leadership. Emmet County is leading the charge with Iowa Lakes educating future generations.

“Students graduating from our Iowa Lakes Community College Wind Energy and Turbine Technology program find themselves with good-paying jobs in an excellent and growing field,” said Valerie Newhouse, President, Iowa Lakes Community College. “We are proud to offer a program which not only benefits our students but Iowans who use this renewable energy resource to power their daily needs. We support and recognize our essential worker graduates helping to keep the lights on and computers running during the many challenges we faced this year.”

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