HOOPLA Recognitions


Laker Life

The great efforts and assistance to our college community during spring break as they worked countless hours to assist in the disinfecting efforts on our campuses to limit potential exposure of COVID-19.

Thank you for your assistance, time and efforts to keep others healthy and safe.

Robert Leifeld, Admin

Technology: Doug Kizzier and Judy Klunder

Woot woot for Doug for his patient assistance in getting RSVP set up for working remotely! He has provided answers/support quickly and without (at least to the observer) rolling his eyes! Thanks so much, Doug!

Woot woot, too, for Judy for her calm and steady approach to handling many questions and continuing to patiently answer, even though emails have been sent addressing the issue about the questions being asked!

How interesting that an instance of chaos has shown us all the determination and abilities of Technology to rise to the occasion! THANK YOU!!

Dawn Bernhard, Northwest Iowa RSVP

Dr. Tanner Metz

Tanner has been an inspiration for me with his positive, can-do attitude. I can't imagine trying to go through all of this just three months into my first semester. We will both come out of this as better professors.

Bristow, Science

Laura Howard

Laura has gone above and beyond to help the nursing student work through problems with Lockdown Browser and get ready for testing from home. Laura is prompt at answering my email and always approaches with a positive "I can help you" message. She has been very professional and patient through all of this. Thank you, Laura.

Martha Olson, Nursing

Troy Larson, Sarah Stokes & Joe Pavlovich [Athletics/Housing]

For holding down the fort and trying to keep us moving forward in a positive manner.

Mike Turnbull, Athletics/Success Center

Corey Meyer/Katie Larson & anyone else who helped on the Virtual Tour Video for Estherville Campus

The video has been a great addition to information to send out to prospective recruits.

Mike Turnbull, Athletics/Success Center

Dave DeVary

Thanks to Dave DeVary for the assistance getting the Admin staff ready to work from home. He set up training for Administration Building staff prior to our leaving, helped with VPN connections and was available for questions once we got home. We appreciate all the help!

Jennie Knudson & Sally Underwood, P&D

IT Department

I think our IT Department responded as quickly as they possibly could with trying to get ALL of Iowa Lakes Community College up and running at home. The number of emails, phone calls, and time they have dedicated to us has truly been out of this world. Not only do I want to recognize them for their outstanding service, but their attitudes have been amazing as well!!! Considering the workload they had to take on in such a short amount of time, oh my gosh, how crazy for them. So, I would like to give recognition to our entire IT Department for going above and beyond for us!

Madison Bolin, Admissions


GOLD STAR for Technology, who got the Records department up and running in our undisclosed locations. We completed our first week with very little downtime. THANK YOU!

Snickerdoodles and Monsters when this is over!

Barb G, Records

Drew Howing

Drew has gone above and beyond to ensure his students are supported and have what they need to be successful in their classes during the shift to online at Iowa Lakes. Drew took the extra time to make sure that students got extra support and encouragement from other student services at the college. His dedication to his students has been exemplified by the current situation at the college.

Jody Condon, Educational Counselor

All Administration that have to make decisions about COVID-19

I want to say THANK YOU to the administration team that has to make tough decisions in regards to the COVID-19.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to acknowledge them, but I want them to know that I appreciate all that they are doing at this time. Even if everyone doesn't agree with the decisions, I know they are doing what is right for the many rather than the few.

Monica Rosacker, TRIO-SSS and Talent Search

Rhonda Bristow, Campus Stores

I was in the Campus Stores Coordinator position for less than a month when we began to work from home. At that time, I was completing duties from my previous position, had one Campus Store employee resign and another employee out for several days due to family illness and emergency. My off-site training was also canceled.

Rhonda stepped up from day one to cover her duties and duties of other employees while I tried to learn and catch up. She worked beyond her regularly scheduled hours without complaint. She answered questions and completed tasks that were not typically hers to complete. A lot of physical changes were made to the Estherville store this past month as well. Rhonda accepted all without complaint, even though the speed of the change was overwhelming.

All of this was done with a smile and a helpful hand. I am gratefully appreciative of her help during March and since answering various email questions.

Susan Pietz, Campus Stores

Technology Crew & Jen Peterson

Thank you to the technology crew for helping move us all to online learning and working from home. You did an amazing job!!!!!

Lynn Jenson, Success Center & AEL

Margaret Gebel - Estherville Dining Services

Kudos to Margaret Gebel for shopping for, preparing, and distributing meals daily to the 14 students living in student housing on the Estherville campus. Margaret greets students daily with a smile and a generous supply of food for the day. She makes sure that we meet the nutritional needs of our students and providing meals that they like. Well done Margaret!

Julie Williams, Dean of Students