Enjoying Retirement One Click At A Time

enjoying retirement one click at a time

He is a familiar face, but one that is usually behind the camera. Many area students and families know Jim Gale for his photography talent. He specializes in capturing action shots at Algona High School athletic events, outdoor portraits of high school seniors, family group shots, and the occasional still shot of a beautiful scenic landscape or historic building.

Gale has always had an appreciation and eye for art forms. Jim Gale Photography began in 2008 upon Gale’s retirement as the Algona High School Guidance Counselor. His newfound time allowed him to focus on his beloved entrepreneurial hobby. He seized opportunities to perfect his skill and knowledge by taking photography classes and attending seminars. He purchased professional photography equipment. His investments paid off; his creative works have been displayed at local and statewide art and photography events, and he has earned several awards. However, the most rewarding aspect of his career is interacting with people and the appreciation he receives from students and parents, which continues to inspire him.

Establishing a business clientele came naturally from Jim’s years as a high school guidance counselor interacting with students, families, and colleagues. He has a genuine, natural ability to connect and communicate with students, and his photography business enables him to stay involved with youth. He has a quick wit and sense of humor that helps ease the anxious nerves of first-timers or those who may not enjoy being photographed. He strives to ensure an affordable, fun, and enjoyable experience.

Nature’s beauty of landscapes and architecture serve as the backdrops for Gale’s portraits. His eye for detail enables him to select unique places in and around Algona that provide just the right background color or texture enhancement. While most of his business is concentrated around Algona, family connections near Ankeny and Jefferson have enabled Jim to extend his photography services to seniors and families in those communities.

As the photography industry evolves and becomes more digital, Gale sees it as an advantage for those who have an interest and entrepreneurial spirit to dip their toe in and experiment without spending a lot of time or money. He is thankful for the opportunity to pursue a passion that he enjoys and encourages others to follow their interests.

Gale serves on the Tietz Entrepreneurial Center Advisory Committee. View his work and connect with him through Facebook at J Gale Photography or jgalephotography.dotphoto.com.