Chad Tischer Engineering Technology Instructor

(Estherville, Iowa) Chad Tischer, a dedicated Engineering Technology Instructor at Iowa Lakes Community College, promotes renewable energy education by actively participating in training workshops, securing valuable grants for the institution, and offering new certifications for students.

Tischer, who has been an instructor at Iowa Lakes for over seven years, has been attending various practical trainings and workshops, which led to him acquiring solar equipment grants worth nearly $2,500 for Iowa Lakes to upgrade lab equipment that will enrich students’ learning experiences and equip them with cutting-edge industry skills. The success of this endeavor also opened doors for further training initiatives at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Over the past year, Iowa Lakes Career and Technical Education (CTE) faculty program leads have focused on streamlining curriculum and identifying skillsets our workforce partners need. Chad’s training pursuits exemplify the College’s commitment to expanding industry certification opportunities in Iowa Lakes CTE programs. We’re grateful that faculty like Chad continue to pursue opportunities to benefit their students and the regional workforce,” Erin Latona, Chief Academic Officer at Iowa Lakes.

Tischer also attended Photovoltaics (solar) training at Madison Area Technical College. This training, funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant and designed for educators, enabled Tischer to explore various laboratory opportunities and hands-on solar installations. Tischer’s participation resulted in an additional $1200 worth of solar equipment for Iowa Lakes. This infusion of resources further enriches the College’s renewable energy curriculum, ensuring students remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

“The workshops I participated in at Madison Area Technical College have greatly enriched my expertise in handling and setting up solar apparatus and integrating battery backup systems for uninterrupted power supply during lulls in solar energy production, while the training at Gateway Technical College gave me the ability to offer more PMI certification opportunities to students,” explained Tischer. “These classes have not only provided me with a strong foundational understanding of the technology but have also opened my eyes to how much more there is to learn.”

Tischer’s dedication to innovation and hands-on learning was also evident as he immersed himself in another NC3 training for Mechatronics at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This versatile certification aligns with Engineering Technology classes and underscores Tischer’s commitment to offering practical learning experiences.

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