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Thank you for supporting Iowa Lakes and our students. Donors like you help make our student's educational dreams a reality. As a donor, you may designate how your donation is processed.

Check out our donation designation options below.

Designation of Gifts

Alumni & Friends Association

The Iowa Lakes Community College Alumni & Friends Association was established in 1989 to create a strong and vibrant network of individuals through which the Association maintains and promotes loyalty to Iowa Lakes Community College.

Who can join the Association?


If you are interested in supporting Iowa Lakes you are invited to join the Alumni & Friends Association.





The Blue Note Club is comprised of four different levels of giving:

Maestro - $1,000 and over
Virtuoso- $500-999
Composer - $250-$499
Prodigy -  under $249



In years past, a group called the Friends of Music supported the Music Department and student-musicians with their generous contributions and donations.

Due to a tremendous need by our students, we are bringing that group back to life and renaming it the Blue Note Club.

Scholarships provide tremendous opportunities and financial assistance to deserving students. Your gift to music scholarships through the Blue Note Club will make a significant difference in the lives of our student-musicians and ensure that deserving students who wish to attend Iowa Lakes are not left behind because of economic constraints.

More than 70 percent of the students who attend Iowa Lakes Community College qualify for financial assistance. They are hard- working, student-musicians who are simply trying to improve their lives by furthering their education. Most of our student-musicians have jobs and work outside of school to make ends meet. For them, a scholarship could move them toward graduation and a career, plus allow them the opportunity to be part of the Music Department.


Annual Recognition Program

Laker Platinum: $5,000 or more

  • Recognition at a Laker Home Event
  • 4-some at Iowa Lakes Golf Event
  • Individual signage in the gym/fields
  • Laker Logo item
  • 15% off a regular priced item at the Laker Campus Store
  • Season Pass
  • Laker Newsletter
  • Name/Business in Media Guide/Program

Elite Laker $2,500 or more

  • Hole sponsorship at the Heldt-Laker Golf Event and foursome.
  • Individual signage in the gym/fields
  • Laker Logo item
  • 15% off a regular price item at the Laker Campus Store
  • Season Tickets
  • Laker Newsletter
  • Name/Business in Media Guide

Laker GOLD $1,000-$2,499

  • Individual signage in the gym/fields
  • Laker Logo item
  • 15% off a regular price item at the Laker Campus Store
  • Season Tickets
  • Laker Newsletter
  • Name/Business in Media Guide

Laker BLUE $500-$999

  • Name included in a GROUP sign in gym/fields
  • 15% off a regular price item at the Laker Campus Store
  • Season Tickets
  • Laker Newsletter
  • Name/Business in Media Guide

Laker CENTURY $100-$499

  • Season Tickets
  • Laker Newsletter
  • Name/Business in Media Guide

Laker Member $10-$99

  • Laker Newsletter
  • Name/Business in Media Guide
County-wide year of giving

Make Educational Dreams A Reality

Help residents in your county achieve their dreams and attend Iowa Lakes Community College.

Why is Iowa Lakes offering this?

A good education leads to a prosperous future, not just for the students who receive it, but also for the family and community of that student. By giving to your County Promise Scholarship, you have a direct impact on growing your county.

82% OF GRADUATES from Iowa Lakes live and work within the college district after graduation

Student Testimonials

"Scholarships have helped me save money throughout college and not worry about student debt at such a young age. I am very thankful for my scholarships because now I can focus on my studies instead of constantly working!"
- Destiny Long, Spencer (Clay County)

“Thanks to the scholarships that I have received while enrolled in Iowa Lakes, they helped me achieve my education goals. ”
- Amy Bents, Spirit Lake (Dickinson County)

“Being awarded the scholarships at Iowa Lakes was an easy process. The dollar amount I have received has made it possible for me not to worry about the financial aspect. I can focus all of my energy on my academics and being a Laker.”
- Elle Houseman, Estherville (Emmet County)

"The scholarships I have received due to the generosity of the donors have helped me immensely. They have helped me make college more affordable, especially in the Aviation & Airport Management program! Without the scholarships, I don't think I could have chased my dream of becoming a pilot."
- Andrew Tran, Algona (Kossuth County)

"The scholarships that I received have made a big impact on how I can pay for my college and made it, so it was much more affordable. I didn't have to take out any loans and could pay everything off right away."
- Alex Lowman, Emmetsburg (Palo Alto County)

Establish and Name your own Scholarship
  • Requires a $500 minimum annual gift with a minimum three year commitment ($1,500).  Two years distribution ($1,000) must be contributed initially or the scholarship will not be disbursed until the second year.
  • Endowed, named scholarships require a $10,000 minimum gift and are perpetual by awarding only the earnings of the invested gift.

Upon establishing a scholarship we will contact you to specify awarding criteria. 

JUST GIVE - AREA of Greatest Need

Gifts donated as unrestricted funds will be used for areas of greatest need within the college.

President's Circle

President’s Circle Members give at least $2,500 annually to Iowa Lakes.

Donations support a variety of programs and activities including scholarships. Without private, donor, financial support the college couldn’t accomplish projects such as:

  • Campus Portal – computer access for students, faculty and staff to college files with one sign-on, and the opportunity to increase remote communication capabilities
  • Improvements in the areas of academic programs, athletics and fine arts
  • Phase III of the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology building expansion
  • Student scholarships

President’s Circle Members are recognized on a plaque at the Administrative Offices Building in Estherville and at all of the scholarship events.


As a supporter of Iowa Lakes Community College, you have the opportunity to Reserve Your Seat in the Spotlight at Iowa Lakes by making a purchase through the Reserve Your Seat in the Spotlight Chair Campaign. Each chair sponsorship is available for $500 and there are limited seats available.

Some of our donors have chosen to sponsor with the following:

  • In Memory of (Family Member, Friend, Colleague)
  • Laker Class of 19XX
  • Cast of (Name of Production)
  • 20XX Jazz Band or Many Voices Choir



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