(Estherville, Iowa) The Corn Belt Power Cooperative Scholarship was established at Iowa Lakes Community College in 2006. Corn Belt Power is committed to its service communities and renewable energy production. Full-time enrollment in Wind Energy and Turbine Technology are requirements of the scholarship. Selection emphasis is placed on a candidate’s potential for success and GPA. The scholarship award is $500 and must be used for tuition, books or fees.

The 2019 -2020 recipients are Buck Weaver of Britt and Ariana Umscheid of Terril.

To establish a scholarship, contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement/Foundations Office at 712-362-0491 or 800-242-5106 ext. 4491.

To apply for scholarships, visit www.iowalakes.edu.

For More Information:

Iowa Lakes Institutional Advancement Office