Construction Technology Program Featured at November Board Meeting

Construction technology program presentation

L to R: Zach Daniel, a first-year student from Carrol, Iowa, Thomas Kotewa, a second-year student from Truman, Minn., and Corey Menning, Construction Technology Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor

The Construction Technology program was featured at the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Tom Brotherton, Executive Dean of the Emmetsburg Campus, presented the faculty and students representing the Construction Technology program. Corey Menning, Construction Technology Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor, and Construction Technology students Zach Daniel, a first-year student from Carrol, Iowa and Thomas Kotewa, a second-year student from Truman, Minn., represented the program.

Menning has been employed by Iowa Lakes Community College for over 16 years and received his Associate in Applied Science Degree in Construction Technology from Iowa Lakes Community College.

“It has been a great honor to be able to go from a student of an excellent program to having the opportunity to teach students that have the same passion that I do,” said Menning.

The Construction Technology program at Iowa Lakes Community College is located on the Emmetsburg campus. It is offered as a dual-track program, where students may complete the two-year program to earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree or the one-year program to earn a Construction Technology Diploma.

“Iowa Lakes Construction Technology students prepare for a variety of careers in a field that is projected to keep growing. Whether students choose to run their own business or to work as a construction superintendent, estimator or home energy auditor, they establish a foundational skill-set and gain real work experience as part of our program,” said Menning.

Iowa Lakes Construction Technology students gain real work experience through various class projects, including designing and building from the ground up, cabins or homes or remodel projects. Through these opportunities, students learn concrete and foundations, framing, exterior finishing, roofing, drywall, energy-efficient construction practices, finish carpentry and more.

Menning stated, “Our students become familiar with the “house-as-a-system concept” and “green” building techniques. We teach these concepts to show our students the importance of energy efficiency in construction practices.”

Iowa Lakes Construction students have access to cutting-edge equipment and Energy-Auditor approved tools, including infrared thermal imaging cameras, blower door testers, duct testers and other various metering tools.

Iowa Lakes students were asked why they chose to attend Iowa Lakes.

Zach Daniel stated, “I checked out quite a few programs and what got me to want to come to Iowa Lakes was my visit to campus. Corey sold the program by demonstrating his passion and eagerness to bring innovation to the program.”

Thomas Kotewa stated, “After researching and visiting many programs, I found my home at Iowa Lakes. Unlike many other construction programs, Iowa Lakes provides many opportunities for hands-on learning, which is key to the construction world and how I learn best.”

Robert Leifeld, Vice President of Administration, shared that a state-wide Transfer Major Taskforce was established by the Iowa Department of Education to enhance the transfer of major-specific “core” credits from Iowa Community Colleges to the Iowa Regent Universities.

During his presentation, Leifeld received board approval to complete the necessary paperwork with the Department of Education to offer the following transfer majors at Iowa Lakes Community College beginning fall 2020.

Associate of Arts – Criminal Justice, Associate of Arts – Psychology, Associate of Arts – Sociology, Associate of Arts – Business, Associate of Science – Biology, Associate of Science – Physics, Associate of Science – Mathematics, Associate of Science – Chemistry

Julie Williams, Executive Dean of Students, received approval to establish E-Sports as a new college sport offering at Iowa lakes Community College and to offer Disc Golf as a new club sport.

“Iowa Lakes will add Esports as an intercollegiate sport offering for the 2020-2021 school year. Esports is competitive computer gaming, where individuals or teams compete against each other either online and/or in-person via live events. There are a variety of games that can be played in the competition,” said Williams.

Williams also stated, “Disc Golf as club sport would be open to any student, faculty, or staff member interested in the game of disc golf and the purpose of the team would be to raise the awareness of the game of disc golf while learning how to play.”

Jolene Rogers, Executive Director of Community and Business Relations, received approval to accept a donation from Godbersen Metal Works, Inc. for two Fanuc ARC Mate 120 Robotic Welders. This gift will be shared between the Welding Technology and Engineering Technology programs at Iowa Lakes.

“Iowa Lakes is fortunate to have such strong business partnerships that are passionate about assisting Iowa Lakes to put new equipment into our classrooms,” said Rogers.

The next meeting of the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees will be on Tuesday, December 17, in Estherville. It will be the annual ‘organizational meeting’ of the Board.

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