College thanks area business professionals and experts for their input

business professionals thanked by Iowa LakesBusiness professionals and residents of the Iowa Lakes Community College region are being thanked for their efforts to attend meetings this week and share information about the college with the Higher Learning Commission, the accrediting agency of higher education in the north central region of the United States.

“A great big thank you to everyone who was able to take time out of their day to share their feelings on the value of Iowa Lakes with our guests from the Higher Learning Commission,” said Iowa Lakes Community College President Valerie Newhouse.

A full report from the accrediting agency is expected in a few months. From the response of community leaders, students, faculty and staff, Newhouse is optimistic about the results.

“We really won’t have any specific report for about three months,” Newhouse said. “Yet we can share that the team was impressed with the numbers of people who came to talk about their experiences with Iowa Lakes.”

While the Higher Learning Commission team has departed, the professional faculty and staff continue to serve students and communities to help this region grow.

“We have an exceptional institution,” she said. “We opened our doors – and data – to the team. Everything from our typical classes to our distance education to serving our communities.”

Iowa Lakes is part of the AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) Pathway of the Higher Learning Commission and is reviewed approximately every eight years.

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