Alumni and Friends Association Scholarship Awarded for Emmet County

(Estherville, Iowa) Since 1989 the Alumni and Friends Association has funded scholarships for Iowa Lakes Community College students. Requirements include full-time enrollment, child of alumni, or returning alumni who has been out of college for more than two years. Students must have earned a minimum 30 Iowa Lakes credits earned as of the upcoming semester. The award is $500 and must be used for tuition, books or fees.

The 2019-2020 recipients from Emmet County are:
Estherville: Chase Budach, Brooke Clarke, Bryelle Curry, Trevor Friesner, Alec Heifner, Tiegan Huntley, Lindsey Jensen, Kristina Mann, Blake Miller, Kirsten Natterstad, Jacob Olson, Rachel Origer, Syndey Swanson, Brianne Vermeys, Hannah Ward and Vanessa Woelber
Wallingford: Carter Murray
Ringsted:  Emily Michalec

To contribute to this scholarship or establish a new scholarship contact the Iowa Lakes Community College Institutional Advancement/Foundations Office at 712-362-0491 or 800-242-5106 ext. 4491.

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Iowa Lakes Institutional Advancement Office