Transfer Majors

You have a goal …we have the plan.

Transfer Majors at Iowa Lakes provide a complete blueprint for your move to a 4-year college or university.

Iowa Lakes Community College now offers transfer majors for students who want to transfer to one of Iowa's public universities (Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, or the University of Northern Iowa).

Each Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) transfer major degree is designed to transfer to a four-year institution to study a specific major and provide the first two years of a bachelor's degree program.

By earning this degree, you'll have met the general course requirements for a specific major of a four-year institution. Requirements may vary among institutions, so students should work with an advisor to become familiar with the institution's specific requirements that they plan to transfer.

* Denotes new offering Fall 2023.

Explore Transfer Majors at Iowa Lakes

ag.ed secondary image

Ag Education Transfer Major, AS*

Biology Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Biology Transfer Major, AS

Business Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Business Transfer Major, AA

Chemistry Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Chemistry Transfer Major, AS

Criminal Justice Secondary Image

Criminal Justice Transfer Major, AA

ilcc early.child.licensure secondary

Early Childhood Teacher Licensure Transfer Major, AA* secondary

Elementary Education Transfer Major, AA*

Ex.Science Feature

Exercise Science & Kinesiology Transfer Major, AS*

FA transfer secondary

Fine Arts Transfer Major, AA*

his.transfer secondary

History Transfer Major, AA*

HS Secondary Image

Human & Family Services Transfer Major, AA*

Math Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Mathematics Transfer Major, AS

Physics Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Physics Transfer Major, AS

Psychology Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Psychology Transfer Major, AA secondary

Secondary Education Transfer Major, AA*

Sociology Transfer Area of Study at Iowa Lakes

Sociology Transfer Major, AA

To earn a Transfer Major Degree, a student must complete all required coursework of that specific degree and maintain a 2.0 GPA.