Become a CEP Instructor

How to Become a Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) Instructor

Are you a teacher within the Iowa Lakes Community College District interested in teaching Concurrent Enrollment courses through Iowa Lakes?

Follow these steps below to become a CEP instructor:

  • 1.

    Submit Employment Application

    Complete an Iowa Lakes Community College Employment Application.

    Apply Now

  • 2.

    Submit college transcripts

    Submit official college transcripts to the Iowa Lakes High School Partnerships office via mail or electronic transcript services to:
    Iowa Lakes Community College
    High School Partnerships
    3200 College Drive
    Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536
    Transcripts are processed and approved by the Campus Dean and Iowa Lakes Human Resources.

  • 3.

    Submit work experience

    NOTE: If teaching for a CTE Program, submit work experience and special certifications to the High School Partnerships office. You may submit this information via mail or email.

  • 4.

    Enroll in the New Teacher Workshop

    Once approved as a CEP Instructor, you will attend the New Teacher Workshop and meet with the appropriate Iowa Lakes faculty. During this meeting, standards of achievement, grading, and assessments will be discussed. These discussions ensure that course offerings reflect the pedagogical, theoretical, and philosophical orientation of Iowa Lakes Community College.

  • 5.

    Course & Staff Development Worksheet

    Sign and return the Course & Staff Development Worksheet to the High School Partnerships office.

  • 6.

    Course Syllabus

    Iowa Lakes will provide you with the Iowa Lakes Course Syllabus and Multi-Course Assessment Information.

  • 7.

    Classroom site-visits

    Iowa Lakes Community College will conduct classroom site-visits to verify the use of the approved Iowa Lakes course syllabus. During these visits, any questions, concerns, or needs are noted. After completing the classroom site-visit, the CEP Instructor Visit Form is signed by the CEP Instructor, the Iowa Lakes faculty member, and a High School Partnerships representative.  Iowa Lakes provides a copy to you.

  • 8.

    Professional development

    Iowa Lakes Community College requires that all CEP instructors partake in annual Discipline Specific professional development. Additionally, Iowa Lakes offers various professional development activities designed to allow instructors to participate in college, providing discipline-specific yearly professional development and ongoing collegial interaction to enhance further instructors’ pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline.

  • 9.

    Discipline Specific Training

    Iowa Lakes CEP Instructors must attend our Discipline Specific Training each year; Iowa Lakes will facilitate this. Additionally, Iowa Lakes will be utilizing Canvas as an online component. This online tool will allow Iowa Lakes and CEP instructors to post documents such as lesson plans and assessments, share resources, and participate in professional discussion threads.