40 Student Leaders Attend Iowa Lakes Trustees Meeting

(Estherville, Iowa) Forty student leaders attended the Iowa Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Julie Williams, Executive Dean of Students, introduced students serving in student leadership positions at Iowa Lakes Community College as Student Senators, Laker Crew Ambassadors, Resident Assistants, or Graduate Assistants. Each student leader shared their educational plans and why they chose to attend Iowa Lakes.

Iowa Lakes student leaders present at Tuesday’s meeting included:

Algona Campus 

  • Pinky Chen, Student Senate, Algona, Iowa.

Emmetsburg Campus

  • Malary Koob, Student Senate President, Pocahontas, Iowa,
  • Brooke Doran, Student Senate Vice President, Dickins, Iowa,
  • Phoebe Kozitza, Student Senate Secretary, Forest City, Iowa,
  • Kylara Steffan, Student Senate, Linn Grove, Iowa,
  • TaNeka Williamson, Student Senate, Milford, Iowa,
  • Chloe Schiek, Student Senate, Emmetsburg, Iowa,
  • Isiah Banwart, Student Senate, West Bend, Iowa,
  • Nathan Schneider, Student Senate, West Bend, Iowa,
  • Taylor Williamson, Laker Crew Ambassador, Ruthven, Iowa,
  • Jay Wolfe, Graduate Assistant, Creston, Iowa,
  • Hunter Huschik, Resident Assistant, Galena, Ill.,
  • Garrett Nielsen, Laker Crew Ambassador, LaBarge, Wyo.,
  • Kimberelee Trei, Laker Crew Ambassador, George, Iowa,
  • Lucien Benedix, Laker Crew Ambassador, Ruthven, Iowa,
  • Rodene Alce, Student Senate, West Bend, Iowa.

Estherville Campus 

  • Faith Lutat, Student Senate, Estherville, Iowa,
  • Jada Duis, Student Senate & Laker Crew Ambassador, Ocheyedan, Iowa,
  • Brooklyn Mickelson, Student Senate, St. James, Minn.,
  • Faith Marroquin, Student Senate, Omaha, Neb.,
  • Evonne Tomlin, Student Senate & Laker Crew Ambassador, Midlothian, Texas,
  • Tavoris Smith, Jr., Laker Crew Ambassador, St. Peter, Fla.,
  • Lexus Grosne, Student Senate, Baltic, S.D.,
  • Isacc Lebertz, Laker Crew Ambassador, Spirit Lake, Iowa,
  • Martina Riggin, Laker Crew Ambassador, Sioux Falls, S.D.,
  • Kaela Baker, Student Senate & Laker Crew Ambassador, Clinton, Iowa,
  • Brea Bendlin, Laker Crew Ambassador, Royal, Iowa,
  • Daniel Porter, Laker Crew Ambassador, Jacksonville, Fla.,
  • Brooklyn Erickson, Student Senate & Laker Crew Ambassador, Spirit Lake, Iowa,
  • Mackenzie Mohr, Student Senate & Laker Crew Ambassador, Onawa, Iowa,
  • Grace Piercy, Student Senate, St. James, Minn.,
  • Trevor Zellmen, Laker Crew Ambassador, Norfolk, Neb.,
  • Kate Ray, Graduate Assistant, New Sharon, Iowa,
  • Rachel Schumaker, Graduate Assistant, Whittier, Calif.,
  • Erin Baum, Laker Crew Ambassador, Firestone, Colo.,
  • Reggie Gradwell, Graduate Assistant, Marshalltown, Iowa,
  • Austin Jamison, Wrestling Graduate Assistant, Oakridge, N.C.

Spirit Lake Campus 

  • Emma Dyhrkopp, Student Senate, Spirit Lake, Iowa,
  • Olivia Davis, Student Senate, Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Vice President of Administration, Robert Leifeld,  presented to the board regarding applications for two separate grant opportunities through the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC), one full grant ($5,001 or more) and one mini-grant ($5,000 or less).

Leifeld explained the first grant application would be for a full grant, which would be used to improve the audio-visual technology for the Auditorium on the Emmetsburg Campus and the Farm Meeting Room on the Iowa Lakes College Farm.

“Iowa Lakes Community College serves the community of Emmetsburg in numerous ways, which includes providing spaces for large community sessions, caucuses, and educational offerings. Similarly, the meeting room at the Iowa Lakes College Farm hosts specific trainings for area producers, agriculture vendors, and students,” said Leifeld.

The total cost of the Audio-Visual (AV) Technology Upgrade project is $30,000. The Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation would cover 75% of the project costs and Iowa Lakes Community College would need to match the remaining 25% on the full grant. The total financial match required by Iowa Lakes Community College would be $7,500.

Leifeld also presented on the mini-grant application to be used to upgrade the Community Room located between the Emmetsburg Public Library and Smith Wellness Center.

Leifeld shared, “The Community Room is used by a variety of groups and organizations, legislative meetings, family events and College functions. The carpet and surfaces in the room and adjacent kitchenette have become worn from years of use and need to be replaced. The estimated cost for the Community Room Upgrade project is $4,485.

Board approval was granted to move forward with the grant application process for both applications.

Delaine Hiney, Executive Director of Facilities Management, reported the Performing Arts Center on the Estherville Campus is continuing to take shape and is anticipated to be completed in January 2020.

Jolene Rogers, Executive Director of Community and Business Relations, received approval to accept in-kind donations from area medical professionals for physicals and support services provided to Iowa Lakes student-athletes. Donations were accepted from the following medical professionals:

Avera Holy Family Hospital
Dr. James C. Creech, MD
Dr. John Leupold, MD – Northwest Iowa Bone, Joint & Sports Surgeons, P.C.
Dr. Alexander Pruitt, MD – Orthopaedics, P.C.

Additionally, approval was granted to accept a donation of $6,300 from eSponser checks for the Century Club.

Rogers reported a new event, “College, Me? Yes”, is scheduled to take place on the Emmetsburg, Estherville, and Spencer Campuses.

“College, Me? Yes! is a career exploration event for individuals who are 25 years of age or older and considering a career change or for those who put college on hold to raise families,” said Rogers. “This is a hands-on exploration opportunity that will include a meal and a discussion panel.”

The first event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 23, on the Emmetsburg Campus and will feature Agriculture, Construction Technology, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Nursing, Powersports and Power Equipment Technology and Welding.

Roger also shared that the Iowa Lakes Italian Buffet is scheduled for Monday, October 25, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm on the Emmetsburg campus of Iowa Lakes Community College.

The next meeting of the Trustees will be on Tuesday, November 19, in Estherville.

Iowa Lakes student leadership group

Iowa Lakes student leadership group

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